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  1. The issue with that head-canon is that you rarely interact with those characters mentioned while you're around Canach a lot. I never really noticed the VA of those characters changing even though I played those LW seasons recently due to your interaction withthose recently. Canach, on the other hand, shows up constantly. I do the Thunderhead Keep North Meta almost daily and get to hear a Canach a lot. A highlight of that event is to hear his dry wit.
  2. First ime doing the Caledon Dragon Response Mission and the first thing I notice is the new VA for Canach. I can understand it being hard to always retain the same VAs, however, this one is dire and went in the opposite direction of the VA that had already left his mark. That VA had a voice for Canach that dripped with sarcasm even when he was giving compliments. This felt so right for the character. This one just tries to sound posh, which goes against everthing that Canach stands for as someone who has rebelled against the teachings of Ventari, without joining the Nightmare Court, to become
  3. I've suggested that Dragon Trigger attacks also inflicted Defiance damage, since it would fit the concept of someone who probed thier opponent and then made a tactical attack, and I've been thinking of how this could be translated into PvP and xame up with that attacks made in Dragon Trigger would reduce the remaining duration on Boons by 10% for each Charge. This would give Bladesworn a unique role in PvP and more importantly, a different one than Spellbreakers who goes for Boon removal. It's also important for the concept that all this is tied to Dragon Trigger as it represents the
  4. The proof of concept has only been made to an extremely limited amount of people and as such can be affected by their bias. People educated in programming and visual production often have no background at all in the scientific process. You're the exact same, you think that your anecdotal experience is valid proof of that AR is unneeded. So you can solo the first few Fractals on t2. Can you do the same on t3 or 4? Giving players access to sigils and other buffs would corrupt the data as the data you would get would be the performance with sigils and other buffs instead of the "raw" data. A
  5. I fail to see how that's any different from what I said? As long as none of the other classes get those things either it's even ground for testing for everyone. Given all the things that's missing this is a test of the baseline, which is where every test shouldstart. The baseline needs to work before bells and whistles can be added to it. This is a proof of concept test, and in this case, the concept is solid and the execution is significantly less so. Once it got into the world the baseline was found to be woefully lacking. Adding all the things you asked for would just corrupt the data,
  6. That's what testing is. Sometimes you get handed stuff for testing that someone else thinks is a good idea and is instead woefully lacking and needs to go back on the drawing board. Especially early testing is all about finding the holes. You only get a relatively finished product late in the process. By reading the feedback thread the devs can see the holes. And glaring? To us, to them they're unable to see them due to their bias as the concept of the Bladesworn is rock-solid. It's the execution that's lacking severely. I would say that the design team of the classes in GW2 consists of no mor
  7. There's a tiny difference between giving constructive criticism, such as shown in the feedback thread. And then there's this doomer thread of unconstructive doom-telling.
  8. This thread is really going places. I mean, this is the first public itteration of Bladesworn and nothing will ever change by this point. This is the reason it's called a Beeta Test since from this point on nothing will ever change until live!
  9. Possibly a bug, at least I hope it's a bug. Using the Attack Skill 1 on the Gunsaber just uses that attack. To go though the entire chain you have to press three times. I hope this is a bug as the skills are far too similar to each other to have to be used deliberately. At least he Rogue's Attack Skill 1 does something different depending on where in the chain it is.
  10. Oh, and a minor nitpick is the design of the sword. Specifically the handguard. Instead of spherical I feel it should be oblong so on all sides there's as much free space as there is behind the gun part. While a sword does follow Newtonian physics it's also desirable to reduce the weight on it and having a huge handguard would be destrimental to this. It would also be extremely painful for the wearer as the kitten would constantly dig itself into their flanks or upper hips.
  11. Having played around with Bladesworn I'll say that the narrative of the spec is A+ and the acutal gameplay feels really bad. The spec and none of the associated utility skills have any way at all of inflicting Defiance damage, well, you get one edge-case that feels extremely limited and needs some setup. Due to the weapon locking it also makes it impossíble to actually swap to a weapon that can inflict Defiance damage. Dragon Trigger feels overly gimmicky and aside from that has little actual substance. The Aegis you can give yourself will also do little to actually protect yourself
  12. When using a Legendary Greatsword instead of a gun the sword should be the leggo skin and just shoot magic instead.
  13. I think my biggest issue is the overly large handguard on the model. I would imagine it being oblong instead of circular since the massive handguard would bump into your sides when moving and woyud be several kins of uncomfortable, possibly painful, when moving when sheathed.
  14. I think the best option would be to create a companion skill to Dragon Strike. F1 draws the sword. F2 charges Dragon Strike F3 should be Phoenix Slash. An instant attack that deals relative low damage and instead applies Boons and Conditions. For each 30 Flow consumed casting Phoenix Slash the damage and duration/stack of the Boon(s)/Condition(s). I really like the concept of Dragon Strike, however, even with Aegis and the blink it would be impossible to charge it for even one second due to the amount of AoE you have to avoid flying around in PvE. I'm here th
  15. As far as I understand the Dragon Stance is the weapon swap and replaces the normal weapon swap. So you'd have your normal Burst Skill as well as the Dragon Strike as the Burst Skill for Dragon Stance. I can imagine that the other Burst Skills would work off Flow instead of Adrenaline. This is speculation though, at least until the beta event comes around.
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