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  1. It is similar in concept but visually looks different. Bifrost looks more misty and blurry whereas the amulet looks like rainbow smoke
  2. DPS meters breed toxicity in PUGs, that is all that needs to be said.
  3. I'm not speaking for myself, just my friends. I don't even know if they play FFXIV anymore, there are lots of people in the Discords.
  4. Duel servers used to be a popular thing before/around PoF release. Something killed it off--what, I wonder?
  5. Have dealt with a few of them before. Every single Team USA member I came across was toxic, not humble at all, except Marvin.
  6. A lot of things make it not as popular. The story isn't the best one out there, art style is not everyone's cup of tea (a friend said it looks like what you get if going halfway between a cartoon and real life) and the gameplay is also not everyone's preference. In FFXIV Discords I'm in, I know a few people that said they really wanted some of the mounts but felt defeated after learning you can get them in the expansion not the base game. While you might say, "we used to not have mounts" you have to understand that some of these people wouldn't have come to GW2 if they didn't see mounts in the
  7. Infusions are like cosmetic bullions. Traders take advantage of the value of items and treat them as currency (since there's a limit to how much raw gold can be moved between players). In need of a quick pinch? Sell the infusion.
  8. I love RNG drops because of that "WOW I got it" factor but I agree, many of the items in GW2 are too rare. Right now infusions sit at like, 1 in 10000 odds. I think a good solution is to make a pool of say, 5 or 6 items, all with a 1% (1 in 100) drop rate, and even if you don't get the specific item you wanted you'll still get something that may make your day
  9. We've been saying it has the damage. It just lacks everything else. No emergency distort or daze. Weak new weapon kit. Meh elite skill. Redundant traits and some weaker options (why take anything BUT Infinite Forge for the GM?) Even the utility skills don't seem that good besides the invuln one, but that's a crutch for the lack of Distort.
  10. It was interesting, but shatters seriously need to be instacast... Not having a panic F3 or F4 is devastating
  11. - Tooltips imply Bladesong skills are instacast, which they are not. Also, there no longer exists a panic "Daze" that the other Mesmer specs come with--the only alternative is a knockback utility that feels unreliable with its 45 second cooldown. - The heal requires you to face your target for the blades; I've had my cast broken midway because the target would port behind me. Seems counterintuitive. Ether Feast may become the meta healing skill. - Bladesongs seem to be able to get reflected but permanent blade upkeep feels nice. - Aegis/block gimmick easily counterable, matchups
  12. If you want challenging, try World vs World (PvP) or Conquest (PvP). Raiding in PvE (endgame) is also a thing especially under challenge motes, but you'd need a static to do the challenge variants. The game is generally easy, especially the story. Some achievements can be tricky to pull off though. Certain meta events require heavy coordination with players (looking at you, Serpent's Ire) and can't be done solo. If these terms seem unfamiliar, they should become easier to understand at level 80 (max) or when you've dived into the expansion maps.
  13. Except... you don't need to do it all in a day. Spread it out over the course of a week or two. Reminder that there are new players starting the game every day and one day a few of them will be caught up with everything.
  14. Unbalanced? Not really. Since it's a swiss format the last few matches are going to generally be the most balanced if you lost up til that point. If you keep losing, try harder. Pick a build that can carry, that's what I did when I joined random silver teams and got my 20 wins.
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