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  1. Thanks for the feedback everyone. I've been following this thread and I wanted to respond to a some comments that have come up a few times: Stronger reses are not desired in PvP.We are looking at competitive splits for some of these changes but they haven't been finalized yet. Fall damage reduction is important in WvW.We hear you that fall damage reduction and gauging whether a fall will kill you is something that is considered regularly as a part of WvW. However we would like to see how the WvW meta adjusts before making additional changes. I need falling damage reduction for some jumping puz
  2. Signet of Undeath currently gives 2% lifeforce per 3 seconds.This change increases it by 100% up to 4% per 3 seconds.When traited with Signets of Suffering you get 6% per 3 seconds which is a 100% increase from the previous 3% per 3 seconds.
  3. Hey folks, I wanted to pop in today to give you all a preview of some upcoming changes to fall damage and revival that we'll be rolling out in an upcoming balance update. The quick summary is that we are removing trait functionality that reduces fall damage and increases passive revival speed. While fall damage reduction traits were useful when the game first launched we feel that they are currently over-complicating trait descriptions in a post-glider/mount world. Falling damage reduction is already pretty niche and in the past we have added additional functionality to make them more genera
  4. Just wanted to jump in to address a few questions and comments I've seen popping up frequently in relation to these update notes: Why does Function Gyro die when CCed?Destruction on CC allows other players to counter the skill just like they would counter a normal stomp or res attempt. There is no point to the gyro existing after being interrupted as we don't feel it's fair for it to attempt multiple stomps or reses. This has been the functionality since the rework but we are clarifying it in the upcoming update because players are under the mistaken assumption that Function Gyro has low healt
  5. This was a potential solution we considered when we were looking at our options. We chose to go a different route since it was more difficult to determine what kind of impact this would have across the whole game. (This is the type of change we'd want to apply globally since it would be weird if only a single trait had special functionality.) Changing a single trait is much safer than making a new rule for stealth and we wanted to keep things within the scope of a Deadeye update.
  6. Heya, thanks for the thoughtful and well-formatted feedback. I wasn't sure if I should post again after my last "thanks for the feedback" post was misinterpreted. But I wanted to give it one more shot since I thought some of these ideas were pretty cool. So first things first...We are planning to move the stealth application on the Silent Scope trait from the start of the dodge roll to the end. There are pros and cons to each version so I want to explain the reasoning. We originally put the stealth at the beginning of the dodge to make it more responsive and to give it a sneaky feel by hiding
  7. Thanks for the detailed feedback. We'll keep this in mind for future adjustments.
  8. Yup, you pretty much got it. To add onto that, having it summon two phantasms (to make two clones) helped give it a stronger unique identity when compared to the other phantasm skills.
  9. Hey everyone, I know this is all a lot to take in so I wanted to clarify a few of the questions I saw pop up in this thread.
  10. Unlike most phantasms, when the defender applies its condition (taunt) it is sourced directly from the phantasm. Normally conditions applied by phantasms are sourced from the memser which allows the condition duration stat to apply. In the case of the defender we can't do this, because of how taunt functions. Taunt causes the taunted target to attack the source of the taunt. If we sourced the condition to the mesmer and allowed your condition duration to apply, the taunted target would attack YOU.
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