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  1. Keep hearing this BS about 30k+ mech auto attack and I just want to say that it is just that, pure BS. Last week and this week did my raids with lots of mechs. Most Mechanist DPS were using "standard" builds, but the actual damage was between 15K (sometimes even less) and 35K (with spikes to even more). So a big difference. Tried using only auto attack and my DPS was very bad. Did my rotations and things improved a lot. This only tells me that positioning, fight knowledge, uptime, dodging when you have to and actual skills plays a big role in this. I agree that the rotation
  2. Slowly slowly, every word will offend someone. And as usual, the offended will have obsoletely nothing in common with the "issue". On this note, I feel offended by the high price of....rolls dice...GEMS! Anet, do something about it.
  3. ~ 6 wins and ~ 8 fails Commanded 3 runs. Two wins - nobody said a word. One fail - ~5 angry people /w that I suck at commanding. Too much effort for nothing really. I already forgot about that map.
  4. Did plenty of EoD strikes and never bothered to check the loot. Well, today I did. What a joke!
  5. Found another possible hint that the map is bugged. Near the [&BEANAAA=] https://wiki.guildwars2.com/index.php?title=Temple_of_the_Dredge POI there is a small altar with two NPCs building it on the west side. The NPCs are usually dead and fast spawning crazed mobs make sure those two are dead. Tried once to keep them alive for ~10 minutes while they seems to work on that altar, but nothing happens. I switched maps today looking for the 1st mission in the chain only to find the last mission in the chain active, like usual. The alter in question was built and the two
  6. The mesmer portal should not be there if event is not active? Because I see it all the time
  7. Today I decided to try the Arborstone Vaulter achievement in Arborstone. 1st run = 51 blessing and got the Arborstone Vaulter Extraordinaire achievement. 2nd run, another 51 blessings and thought hey, this is easy. 3rd run, with the https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Singer's_Spirit_(effect) still active and ~50 seconds left on the clock, the fountain told me to take a hike and return with the blessings. Nothing counted. 4th run with the https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Singer's_Spirit_(effect) still active and ~45 seconds left on the clock, the fountain told me to take a hik
  8. 3rd day now looking for this event. This morning logged in and saw the last part of the chain was active. By the time I got there, I managed to hit the boss 2 times only and the collection did not progress. I am trying to finish Character Growth.
  9. 09 May 2022 and this one is still bugged. Tried once and just gave up. Went and spanked some mobs to get the heart.
  10. Fishing: Around jumping puzzle zones, please allow skiffs and remove automatic skiff de-spawn when entering such areas. Example: JP at Pig Iron Mine in Fireheart Rise, JP at SE in Gendarran Fields Its not like having a skiff will allow us to bypass the JP.
  11. Don't know what made it work in the end, but after 5 failed tries, I was able to interact with the fire in the end and get the achievement.
  12. The heart at Mori Village in Echovalds Wilds has an achievement https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Friends_of_a_Feather The Food part seems to be bugged, at least for me. I get the fish, the spice and the wood, get to the Cooking Fire, where I am told to come back when I have a fish, spices and firewood. I tried collecting all 3 required resources in various orders to no avail. See image: https://i.imgur.com/JVAMxuo.png
  13. If map is closing and you are forced to change instance, please carry on the https://wiki.guildwars2.com/index.php?title=Fishing_Party_Catches to the next instance Example: today I am trying to finish a fishing collection for Echovald Forest. 3 times I was forced to change instances, loosing buff stacks. Pretty please with sugar on top.
  14. Just noticed this one also. Has just got to tier 2, lost the boat and and the buff. Got on a boat again and even though the tier was shown as II, the buff stack was for tier 1.
  15. Many times during "critical" movements I get distracted by the various error messages popping up smack in the middle of the screen. Please, as a nice QoL improvement, do something about this and maybe move it to the chat window. For example https://i.imgur.com/OQvYZxa.png Thank you
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