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  1. I was literally just looking to see if anyone experienced something similar. I too just had a game crash as the Treasure Hunt Begins countdown timer started. Curious... wonder what is causing it.
  2. P.S. If you haven't done the Skyscale collections, grab 250 extra map currency while you are there to save the suffering later 😋
  3. As I was reading this, I was about to send you a pile of Rose Quartz to help you along. It's probably one of the more painful aspects of the collection requirements so I freely give away when I can. I think I am still slightly traumatized from completing it myself that I aim to help save others LOL 🙂 I am happy you got help from Hannelore.8153! That's so kind.
  4. I totally forgot to mention, you can buy a Karmic Enrichment from a Laurel vendor for 10 Laurels which you can place into an ascended amulet. This will give you a 15% boost in Karma gain. I use one and it does help.
  5. Don't forget - if you don't mind the Silverwastes and RIBA, you can also get obsidian shards from the buried chests (the Dry Top chests also drop them). If you are in a Guild with a POF guild hall the Ore nodes drop them as well. Not guaranteed but I have had good luck with it. Personally, I run WvW when I am in need of Karma but also understand that's not a game mode everyone enjoys.
  6. I just went through my receipts from when I bought the game through Steam in 2019 and I had to buy the Bonus Missions separately. If you have never played the original game, hold off on buying the Bonus Missions as you really need to get through the campaigns etc to appreciate the stories they offer. I have had a lot of fun in the original game and still recommend ppl check it out. Hope this helps!
  7. I was just reading the advertisement for this and it says, "Beginning May 25, we’ll spotlight two episodes of Living World Season 2 each week, in chronological order. Log in during the week to unlock the episodes for free!" Hope this is the answer to at least part of your question https://www.guildwars2.com/en/news/return-to-living-world-season-2-story-begins-may-25/
  8. I won't deny, I appreciated her input and perspective a lot. And yes, I do miss her. Change stinks and I have accepted it but one of the key things I have missed is the actual, formal feedback threads for the LW episodes. How the mods filter through all these threads post release is beyond me. However, like I said, times change and we must all keep moving on and encouraging more thoughtful interaction from the Anet team. I'd rather see them here than on Reddit all the time.
  9. OP I feel your pain but I also have to say there's a lot of good advice in this thread. What I can add (and my apologies if this has been mentioned) is that WAY back in the day, PVE players used to have to run WvW in order to achieve full Map Complete (Gift of Exploration). This was removed and the only requirement left was the WvW Gift of Battle reward track. I offer this insight into the history as a way of explaining why you have received the responses you have in this thread. I too mainly run PVE but have actually grown to enjoy WvW. As others have mentioned, the community is not all as t
  10. I was on the same map as you were and was one of the people who responded in map chat indicating that what we were experiencing was totally out of the ordinary. As I mentioned in map chat, I am sorry that your new player experience has been dampened by lag but don't take the lag today as the "normal" for the game. To the Devs: this was on NA servers, Desert Highlands IP ran the Boss Rush for the daily and noticed lag but that is a mass event and always has lag, what we experienced in Desert Highlands was skill/ability lag, chat lag and game stall/pause for 1-2s mid fight.
  11. You can however make things easier if you go in as a party. One person keeps hitting the crystal to keep the planks up, while the other one jumps up. That's how we managed to reach all of the glitches last night (not sure if it was lag or simply me being too slow again, but I couldn't do it solo either). I was able to get all of them but W2Z3, with the second switch out of reach + the timer + my lag it is impossible for me to solo. I am going to see if I can get a switch hitter to come in with me this evening. Glad you got it done!!
  12. Happy to see SAB make its annual return!! My only feedback is to turn up the timer on the jumping planks that mark the path to the glitches in each zone (the ones for unintended coursework). With lag, it makes some of these (e.g. W1Z2 + W2Z3) impossible/next to impossible to achieve
  13. I ran Whisper of Jormag post reset last night (around 11PM eastern) and although we beat it, the daily for Bjora did not update. I am going to assume it is because we entered through EotN rather than through Bjora.
  14. You can go to the Mystic Forge vendor and trade them for Spirit Shards. From there, you can trade the spirit shards for something else. I am glad we have them and now we also have some options to use them alternatively. Plus, you need 100 to craft the PVP Amulet so if you ever wanted to craft that you can use some towards the gift.
  15. It's such a tease to login and see the gift icon ... only to realise there is nothing! :smile: Thank you OP for posting this, I was about to post about it myself.
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