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  1. That was originally the idea behind the daily log-in reward. I think they should update the options or provide multiple log-in reward tracks that grow up to something unique.
  2. This an extremely popular request with a lot of different suggestions on implementation. However, the main thing if an auto consume of food/utility/boosters really should be added. I am hoping it is one of the QoL things being worked on in the background for release soon.
  3. I have setup a chat tab for a solo/personal guild. It works well for pasting links and other items for me to reference while in the same game session. I would really love your idea as a better alternative. I would also like to see an option to dump chat to a file like the screen capture functionality, or set some chat content as pinned or accessible in some manner over time and across characters.
  4. I don't think adding the markers to the overall map key would be practical, as they only show when you have a particular achievement activated. Once you complete the related achievement step, that location is really no longer valid. I do agree it should be easier to see them. I suggest as an alternative solution to make them icons bigger like the x on the awakened assault events. I would also like to see them on the full map view.
  5. I would love to see some achievements for other professions to learn how to obtain better or advanced drops related to the crafting professions from nodes and kills.
  6. What about adding unidentified gear as a crafting material. Might be cool with ascended jeweler if that happens.
  7. Will the equipment template work across characters on your account? Example, I create a template for a Mesmer that includes armor and a greatsword. Would I be able to use that same template with the same armor and weapon on a reaper without pulling the armor and weapon off of the mesmer into the bank and then loading it on the reaper?
  8. I would really love for the ability to share/mail/deposit to guild bank all of the currency items in the wallet with the exception of karma, and all competitive currencies that are not Badges of Honor. To prevent abuse of the system, if that is a concern, tie in something like the old guild influence system that required working with players in your guild to earn. So you can only transfer to players you team up with a given amount of time. Track it like the WvW and PvP reward tracks. Maybe even add this as a set of Mastery Track items - one tier to be able to unlock currency sharing tracks a
  9. Two separate suggestions: 1) I noticed that the QoL thread was no longer stuck on the front page and was replaced with the Library thread. That is all fine and good, but now that thread is no longer stuck. There are a lot of people still out there who do not know that searching works with the new forums and it would help prevent multiple similar threads if at least the library thread was stuck again. 2) It would be awesome if we could get an exchange vendor for all of the Black Lion items that users get as monthly login rewards, or BLC drops but wouldn't actually need or want to use. Items
  10. Hey BlueIce! Adding farming locations to the interactive maps is definitely an interesting idea. It's not one we've currently implemented, and I can speak to its feasibility, but I'd love to see it brought up for discussion on the wiki. If you would like to bring this topic up yourself, please head to our community page, click the "+" symbol at the top of the page to start a new topic, and type away! If you're more interested in simply helping us document the locations, taking screenshots and circling the locations (as seen on the spinach page), is also incredibly helpful and appreciated. =)
  11. The wiki code to add it gets pretty involved. Leave a note on the discussion page for the relevant article (spinach) and one of the gurus might be able to walk you through the details. Thank you very much for that suggestion. Hopefully someone will be able to point me further along the correct path. :)
  12. Not everyone uses the garden plots for the metabolism items, so for me that would also be one that makes no sense. I would love to see the material storage grow in options (including flowers) just because we can stack massive amounts of that material. However, I would hate to see any current item removed to make way for new items. From previous conversations with the dev who works/worked (not sure if she left), I know it takes a lot to adjust the mat storage. I just really hope that this feature continues to grow and stays relevant to current game mechanics/items.
  13. I want to add information on material farms and was able to add an entry for one of the spinach locations. However, I cannot figure out how to add an icon on the map. Are there instructions somewhere on adding icons to the static and interactive maps?
  14. I would love to help out, the community is what makes this game so awesome. Feel free to message me in game if you see me online. Right now I have been pretty scarce, but I am trying to get back to spending more time in game. I am in NA, but get online at a wide variety of times.
  15. There is also an issue of frequent mount/unmount keeping the ranger pet in stowed mode. It also doesn't seem to come up on conflict when stuck like this. I really want to submit a bug report, but when I notice i am already in combat and dropping fast so I cannot screen shot. Also, elementalist minions (summoned elementals) disappear in mount and do not come back but the skill cool down doesn't adjust. That should be fixed as well.
  16. This is definitely needed. There is a work around you can use until they get this fixed. Bind mount/unmount to specific keys for each mount. You may only need to bind two mounts.... I had already been binding the first 6. Once I bound warclaw it no longer swapped up when going to PVE.
  17. Put the character into a zone either as open or instanced and allow stat change on armor, weapons, trinkets, and back items (including underwater gear). Allowing a selection of open zone would let players build characters based on working with other players. Instanced will allow players to focus on specific testing. Whatever would be chosen though should definitely include underwater items and combat. This could also be an excellent training area for users on things like break bars. I would love to see things like: what level each profession on the character is atif they are geared with vis
  18. 100% agree. A lot of people have posted about sort, view, and filter options on the log in screen as well. ANET has done a really good job of listening to the community and posts on this forum to make changes that are heavily requested or easily made. The more people that post or thumbs up these suggestions the better. :)
  19. This would be a really awesome change and I think it would encourage more players to collect the devices. I would also love to see the world bosses portal device, renewable portal to friend, and HOT portal device be included in a bulk portal storage utility. Third garden plot really should happen. There should also be an expansion of seeds for growing items. There would have to be a rich version of trees, the garden plots act as rich versions for the plants. It would be really great to be able to do garden plots or expanded nodes for the other dedicated harvesting nodes. The access pass w
  20. I really disagree. I find it fun going back through core maps that I haven't hung around in for quite a while. Especially with mounts, this is a fairly quick task. Edit: I need to state that this is merely my opinion on getting the GoE and central Tyria map complete. I also want to state that I hate HOT maps and love most of the POF maps. I wouldn't be against allowing you to have random map completes count, but I do think that the ones that count should be similar in size or challenge. Tangled depths alone would be all of Orr.
  21. I would love to see the dragon bash festival come back.It would also be nice to have festivals that spread beyond some core maps.
  22. Or add it to the wardrobe and give a transmutation charge. That will work for those of us with a ton of skins and charges that don't want to waste bank space on a skin and those who don't have charges and would want to apply it immediately.
  23. Please add in options to fill out mount skin sets. I have most of the themed sets and really want to get the options for the other mounts so I can have a uniform look.
  24. Until I was able to get my cloth legendary armor set for my ele, which took a ton of WvW gameplay and real money, I carried around 2 sets of ascended armor and weapons to change between a full minstrel build and a cleric/magi hybrid build. Mostly to switch up between Wvw/Pve. Took up a lot of inventory space, and was tedious to switch between. Now that I have legendary I don't really need to do this other than a few trinkets and rings. Would have been nice to have a set system to switch between, but I'm sure as you mentioned in your comment below about the inventory viewing suggestion, it's a
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