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  1. Heh same. Frankly I didn't find win10 to be any sort of material improvement over win7 for me. Nothing I do now from a productivity standpoint suffers from being done in win7 (the most intensive thing I do is some massive spreadsheets, which my current setup handles with zero issues). The only two games I play (this and Black Desert) work fine, and hilariously this game - until today - didn't even make use of win7's dx11 capacity. All of this will be moot for me when I finally take the plunge and stop booting into windows and boot exclusively into linux. I'll just live with a whole new leve
  2. Fellow disappointed guard/ranger, so I'm only at 50% disappointment lol. However, the remaining category is ranger, so there's a very high chance I'll be upgraded to 100% disappointed. Catalyst looked surprisingly interesting, so I'm holding onto some measure of hope that ANet can pleasantly surprise me with the new ranger spec. But yeah, not pleased with the direction the new classes have gone so far, especially relative to some of the existing ones.
  3. Spend some time getting comprehension. I've thought plenty, and laid out those thoughts pretty clearly. I never said or implied you weren't allowed to comment on my (or anyone else's) comments. I simply judged your responses as inferior and unhelpful, as you remain convinced that the only problem with the LW situation is that people don't want to pay for it. You have nothing useful to add about the overall way LW is designed and sold, so you just wait until you can shake your fist and say "duurrrr game dev can't happen for free!" You're allowed to say that, and I'm allowed to say t
  4. He just doesn't get it. The quote he cherry picked from me is also separated from all the other times where I said the LW-included-for-free idea isn't necessary or even the main point of all the complaints. He just thinks everyone wants LW for free, seems all he's capable of processing. Not worth engaging anymore, really.
  5. For whatever reason, you keep seeing this as purely a price discussion. I'll say it again: I think the price is fair, and while it might make business sense to include it for free in xpacs, that is not at all necessary. Any other studio would always charge and never give away something like LW, thus I think paying for LW is understandable and fair. For the third time, this is not about price. The problem is that new customers are not being told enough about where LW fits into their purchase of the game, and ANet should do something about that. The smartest "something" here would just
  6. Yeah, I wasn't particularly fond of that one, but hey, it's a mastery point you don't need a souped-up mount (bad pun, I know) to get. Are you an NA player? I'd be very happy to spend some time in-game with you - the call-and-response aspect of the forums isn't always the best format for addressing gaps in knowledge (both on your end, and for us. We know so little about what's actually the issue.). From what I gather so far, the issue is: you got to 80, things are hard for you in HoT, and trying to advance past that with PoF is running you into mastery frustrations, and you don't rea
  7. Exactly - that's why I've been saying the price itself for LW seems fair. Any other game would be selling that kind of content, not giving it to so many of us for free. It seems counter-intuitive for me to also agree that it's probably a decent idea for ANet to start including it for free in xpac sales, but I do agree with the idea since the point of LW doesn't seem to be money anyways. Whether or not LW should be bundled for free in xpac sales, at the very least it seems pretty clear that ANet might want to consider clarifying what LW is and where it fits at the point of sale.
  8. This is true. I would argue that anyone who's played the game to any appreciable extent probably should be held accountable for having at least looked at the story journal tab once, and seen that there's a bunch of LW entries in there that appear in order of where they fit into the story. I haven't attempted this myself, but since you have to use your ANet login to make a purchase, it would be nice if the system recognized what content you have unlocked, and would tell players to remove the LW purchase from the shopping cart if they already have it. The totally new players looking to buy
  9. OP's friend who got a refund probably didn't like the price tag, but even people who are okay with the price can take issue with the total lack of sales presentation on LW. We know how LW fits as current players, or people who at least downloaded the full client and read the story journal and saw that there are LW seasons sandwiched between personal story and xpac stories. That's not the problem. It's new purchasers who are getting a nasty surprise. I'm talking about the purchasing experience on buy.guildwars2.com, the official store. The option to buy the PoF/HoT bundle doesn't mention w
  10. I've had effect LOD checked the whole time, and yes it seems to vary by skill. It's nowhere near the system other games have though, which essentially makes the skill effects done by others completely invisible. "Completely invisible" would of course not be advisable for GW2, but the culling needs to be much more dramatic, leaving only basic circles on the ground for aoe.
  11. I think the fundamental problem is that sounds like you're expecting a game with a distinct "every endgame player has to do this" loop, and GW2 excels at not having one of those. There are many such loops to run based on your preferences. If that's overwhelming for you, then perhaps it's for the best that you move on to a different game. I think I was lucky on my first character, because I like dungeons in every mmo I play. I ended up trying a lot of the dungeons, and found out that while I could always fill an LFG group without much problem, not a whole lot of people ran dungeons regular
  12. The consumer, ultimately. As problematic as that is, that's also how stuff works in a (relatively) free market. Sometimes, when things go wrong, legislators and the courts define it, but this is nowhere near that scale of importance. For me, "properly" explaining LW at purchase would at least include an asterisk that tells players that some story elements are only available with LW, which is not included with their bundle. ANet probably wants to avoid this at all costs, because nothing can torpedo a sale as fast as "hey, do you realize we're selling you something, but some important
  13. Yeah not getting my hopes up too high about it, honestly. It's been such a widespread complaint for so long, if ANet actually cared I'm certain they'd at least have a conversation with us about it. But all we got is more clutter, and we even got Virtuoso's "hahaha try to see anything under this giant pink cloud of knives" ability. I'm just baffled that such a basic feature like turning down others' effects didn't get included in the GW2 client. It seems so standard across games that care about visual quality. Then again, I have no clue about game dev, so maybe that feature would have been
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