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  1. A lot of un-clarity here. You refer repeatedly to "skills" - are you referring specifically to just the heal/utility/elite skills you can slot in? Or are you including weapon skills and the passive traits as well? I'll just assume you're using "skills" as a catch-all term for every single kind of non-gear choice you can make when creating a build, for the sake of convenience and logic. For me, I generally find that buildcraft falls into 3 phases: Phase 1: identifying your need/want/goal This doesn't have to be anything super insightful or knowledgeable.
  2. I 99% agree. That 1% is reserved for season 1, which I hear terrible things about, but haven't experienced myself so I can't say for sure. Inexplicably, players still believe that ANet could somehow have lived up to the promise of "expansion-like" content delivered through the Saga had it not been for the pandemic/layoffs/[insert excuse here]. However, I think just one look at the IBS mastery line should be enough to debunk that false hope. It's almost completely a throwaway mastery line that affects nothing outside of seasonal content... just like every other living world mastery.
  3. Not that I'm aware of. Then again, I'm personally not big on UI enhancements for any game I play, so I may just be totally unaware of overlays and addons that do what you're looking for. That said, there are only 10-15 active abilities you need to keep track of at once (add another 5 that come from weapon swap on most classes). Elementalist would need to add 15 more to that base 15 (you can swap stances, which change your weapon abilities, and engineer can be similar as you can swap into different kits that also change your weapon abilities. All told you're not really needing to k
  4. @Kenjer.6409 TLDR; yes, now is a great time to hop in. Someone already mentioned it, but there will soon be an event where they give away the non-expansion DLCs for free, which is a great value. However, I want to emphasize that the very nature of your questions (which are all good ones, in terms of MMO awareness) is a bit alien to this game. I came to GW2 as a SWTOR refugee myself, and I'd say the latter is a pretty classic MMO in terms of design (BiS gear dropping as group-roll loot from raids, gear treadmill, etc.). This game is markedly different, which I consider a two-edged s
  5. Today's patch adds a bit more condi synergy to a number of thief traits and skills. It seems like mostly a few extra bleeds, and bleeding being as weak as it is, not sure it'll be enough to bring things into line. I suggest you read the thief section of today's patch notes - since you already play condi, you'll probably have better insight into how the changes help/hurt condi thief.
  6. My only thought is that your post here actually explains your other threads about wanting to get more rewards for in-game play (rather than seeing them sold in the gem store). You haven't experienced the rest of the game, where a ton of the rewards are located. PvE gold farming makes tons of gem store stuff relatively easy to obtain. Aside from that, people have linked you a number of resources for PvE builds. For quite some time power builds have been the way to go for dps thief in PvE, and my own work with Viper gear and arcdps confirms that it's hard to match power thief's outpu
  7. What you describe is not "more rewards acquired through gameplay," what you want is "more specific rewards tied to specific forms of gameplay." In other words, you want to trade our current generalized "do whatever you want to get gold then convert to gems for your reward" for a "do this particular thing to get this particular reward." I get the appeal of that trade. One could argue that grinding a specific thing for a specific reward will yield a more durable sense of reward compared to the current freeform system we have of gold to gem conversion. But while I acknowle
  8. @HATORI HANZO.9562 I just tried to message you in-game, and I couldn't find you. I did manage to send you a mail though. I'll be on for an hour or two, so I might be able to help you figure some things out. By the looks of this thread, getting help through the text-based format of a forum, build website, or wiki really isn't going to help you. Bad news is, this will get you killed on most elementalist builds, but I do have a pretty safe one that you might be able to get away with. That said, this game is built around avoidiance (dodging) rather than taking and sur
  9. I agree completely. It's impossible to know for sure, but evidence indicates that rewards (or much of anything, really) would NOT be different if GW2 was built as or converted to a subscription game. If anything, I think only negative changes would have occurred. NCSoft could well have demanded that since people are paying subs, ANet needs to make sure that accounts that let their subs lapse get crippled (lose bag slots, only X number of dungeon entries per day, etc). People also forget how much money this game made ANet. It was enough money to fund a number of side projects, all o
  10. I'm currently saving up for a permanent bank contract. I used to be in the "hey I'll just go to the pvp lobby and do stuff there" camp, but one day I randomly got a Permanent Merchant npc out of a BL chest. I immediately considered selling it, as trash vendors are everywhere, but as luck would have it I put off selling it and kept it around. I eventually found myself not even walking 20 steps to a vendor I can actually see in the distance, but instead just calling up the permanent merchant lol. This experienced convinced me that I'd probably get the same massive laziness boost out
  11. I feel exactly the same way. I still buy gems with RL cash for certain skins, but it's a rare occurrence for me. Even including the cost of buying the expansions separately (which I did), in total I've spent far less on this game than I would have on a subscription. The added bonus is that unlike sub games that immediately take away a lot of your conveniences when your sub lapses. we get permanent access to everything we bought. Seriously, when it comes to our time and money, ANet has succeeded in creating the most generous player experience I can think of in the present market. Ag
  12. Your entire post betrays any sense of objectivity. Clearly you think not opening your arms to (and often, wasting your time with) any random stranger who wants to play with you is a terrible, wrong thing to do. I PUG the vast majority of dungeons and fractals I do, and whenever possible make a point to join groups that let me know the LFG maker is new and is looking for help. While I act this way of my own volition, I strongly disagree that anyone should ever feel entitled to this behavior from anyone else. Sometimes I want to get dailies done fast, without having to type boring ex
  13. Oh, Almorra. That brief bit of her story early in the Saga really hit me hard. I mean, we already knew she was dead from finding her body in that little alcove, so it's not like I didn't see it coming.... but it was still compelling to see it unfold. And all she had to do was throw a jab at Bangar about losing another son, and it suddenly added that much more richness to what many (including myself) considered a bit of a shallow throwaway part of the Vigil personal story. I didn't care much about any of the Orders generally, or the Vigil/Almorra in particular, but I was very impressed by how c
  14. Welcome back! I think one of the first things you might want to do is drop this worry about playing a class that nobody wants in their group. Instead, the mindset should be more like "how do I play this class in a way that helps my group?" While every class can do something useful for a raid or fractal group, it's often specific builds or roles within that class that people are looking for. So in other words, it's not really about your class, but how you build/play that specific class. That said, some classes are much easier to make useful for almost any group. Guardia
  15. I think the announcement of EoD more or less absolves IBS of needing to live up to "expansion-like" content. At least in my case, I never expected it to live up to that label in the first place, with or without EoD.
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