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  1. I agree. I think FFXIV's recent spike in interest and massive intake of WoW refugees is the clearest possible evidence that the same old MMO formula is, in fact, what large amounts of players actually want. As you say, Astral, they just want it executed better - which by all accounts FF seems to do, in terms of content pacing, players feeling valued, and old content being kept relevant, etc. The problem for GW2 is that it's just not in a good position to capitalize on that same old formula. As myself and many others (including ANet themselves) stated, GW2 was specifically designed not to
  2. I sincerely hope, with all of my being, that Asmon never makes a GW2 vid, ever. I find him generally entertaining and enjoy watching his stuff, but I really don't think he'll find GW2 at all compelling. The end result will be net negative publicity, much of it likely unjustified. Bellular has a much smaller following and he's a lot more analytical in tone, so he might be a better fit for presenting GW2 at least somewhat accurately. The sad truth is that GW2 is simply not ready for FF-like levels of attention. Too many rough edges in the early/core game experience, and not enough cat
  3. Although there's some modest overlap, I also think this player separation is quite real. Korean games simply have a different approach to content, and I could devote a massive wall of text to that subject. Of the many differences, the only one I'll mention here is a sense of narrative cohesion. It's not so much that the vast majority of Korean titles utterly fail to tell a cohesive story; rather, the problem for me is that such games generally don't even attempt to do it in the first place. It's just not considered a very important element of game design. Even when narrative is given
  4. I only like a handful of the weapons and the mount skin, but I agree that at the very least they all seem quite well-done, even if they don't suit my tastes.
  5. Contact support. I had a similar issue, which had nothing to do with me and everything to do with the change in payment processor. ANet support had to manually enable my ability to make purchases again, and I suspect the same might be the case for you. Put in a ticket.
  6. Exactly, and I have no idea why so many people find this so hard to understand. As has been noted several times in this thread (and elsewhere), GW2 is just not built the same way WoW/FFXIV/the other tab-target WoW clones are. Some believe that this choice to build a fundamentally different game was a mistake, and that is a reasonable position to have; trying things outside the tested/accepted formula is always a risky proposition. What I consider unreasonable is this belief that making a hard pivot now towards the more traditional MMO elements will solve anything. That sounds extreme
  7. Sifting through threads like this make me glad I found GW2 and played it for years prior to picking up GW1. Coming to GW2 after playing more standard tab-target titles - complete with questionable return on sub values, lack of many QoL features that are baseline in this game, gear treadmill, rapidly obsolesced content, hard-locked playstyle and build choices, etc - I appreciate GW2's great features without the shadow of its predecessor hanging over it. I'm not throwing shade at GW1 players by any means. I can easily imagine that if there were a GW3 and it was just totally, completely
  8. As someone pointed out in your old thread that you linked, your view of the ranked matchmaker seems biased by your position in the player pool: silver3 - gold 2 is probably the biggest chunk of the spvp playerbase, so the matchmaker has more people closer to you in mmr to work with. In contrast, I'm perennially high gold 3/low plat 1. Frankly 1500-1550 is really not functionally different from gold 3, IMO. However, a gold 3/plat 1 player will begin to see names from the top 10 show up in a lot of their matches. The skill disparities are very huge, and very often at that level and above. I
  9. Then why make it even easier? You say it keeps the economy moving, but with the Legendary Armory, once you make one weight, you're done. Not sure we'd see any lasting economic benefit. No. The no-reward easy mode for raids would exist just to satisfy the people who actually want to experience a version of the content for themselves, and the little bit of story that comes with. It would also be for the people who just want to get familiar with the fights and learn to eventually do the real versions of them. If you want the reward, do the thing that gives you the reward - the actu
  10. It usually depends on your computer, as far as I know. If you press F2 or F8 while your computer is booting (your screen should briefly tell you what to press), you can enter the BIOS settings for your motherboard. Somewhere in the settings available to you there, you might find a setting that allows you to determine what happens when you press the F1-F12 keys. So you can set it to do the normal F1/F2/etc function if you press one of those keys, and only do the mute/speaker function when you press the "function" key along with the F keys. I've only ever had to do this on laptops, so I'm n
  11. I'm with you on this one. I see the main 'problem' with raiding is that the entry cost appears too high for many players. So many people get so far in the open world without ever learning how to be efficient with boons, movement, or working with other people. Asking someone to climb a big hill in one massive leap is a good way to discourage them from trying at all. But if you put in a staircase, more folks might be inclined to try. I personally think it's possible to use strikes to teach raid boss mechanics, but you'd need a lot of them if you want to avoid just reskinning various raid bo
  12. Eh. I 100% prefer original Canach, as the new (Matt Mercer) version is like low-cholesterol Canach. The smugness, humor, etc is all there, just not as absolutely saturated/dripping/rich as the original (Dimaggio) version. I think it's the best alternative imaginable though. Mercer voices the male norn player character and several other NPCs, and is quite successful in the voice acting field - so he's not just some random VA they plucked off the street, but is both talented and has familiarity with Tyria.
  13. They already gave that to engi (shield 5). Warrior is not allowed to have cool things.
  14. I tend to agree with OP. So much about the outcome of a match can have so little to do with actually fighting other players. Many seasons ago when I still liked ranked, cared about keeping the plat badge, and wanted to soloQ my way to titles, I discovered that when I queued mattered most, and how well I actually played was near the bottom of the list. So while I'm terribad, I selectively queued my way to a top 250 title. The experience was so boring and weird that I gave up going for a top 100 that way, even though it was very feasible to reach it queueing for maybe max 5 matches per day
  15. You can build a high toughness berserker that still gets 3000 power (thanks to might/crits/traits). It's not the most efficient killer, but I've still soloed dungeons with it fairly comfortably. Overall FB just has more tools to deal with more threats. Thanks to tomes, FB is more flexible when it comes to wide area killing (F1 tomes), emergency heals and cleanses (F2), and finally projectile hate and farting out various other supportive boons (F3). Mantras are also pretty easy to use, and the ammo system lets you space out the mantras' effects and boons pretty easily. Just overall more an
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