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  1. OP's friend who got a refund probably didn't like the price tag, but even people who are okay with the price can take issue with the total lack of sales presentation on LW. We know how LW fits as current players, or people who at least downloaded the full client and read the story journal and saw that there are LW seasons sandwiched between personal story and xpac stories. That's not the problem. It's new purchasers who are getting a nasty surprise. I'm talking about the purchasing experience on buy.guildwars2.com, the official store. The option to buy the PoF/HoT bundle doesn't mention w
  2. This is also exactly where I am with GW2. As I've said elsewhere, I learned the hard way that my imagination is the one that is lacking when it comes to assessing the impact of new things in the game. I was 100% sure mounts would suck, and turn out like they do in other games. I have rarely been so wrong in my entire life, and it's a lesson I took to heart. ANet is the kind of studio that really can pleasantly surprise me by implementing a familiar concept in a totally cool way unique to Tyria, and I will not judge new systems until I have a chance to give them a good faith effort in-game
  3. I've had effect LOD checked the whole time, and yes it seems to vary by skill. It's nowhere near the system other games have though, which essentially makes the skill effects done by others completely invisible. "Completely invisible" would of course not be advisable for GW2, but the culling needs to be much more dramatic, leaving only basic circles on the ground for aoe.
  4. I think the fundamental problem is that sounds like you're expecting a game with a distinct "every endgame player has to do this" loop, and GW2 excels at not having one of those. There are many such loops to run based on your preferences. If that's overwhelming for you, then perhaps it's for the best that you move on to a different game. I think I was lucky on my first character, because I like dungeons in every mmo I play. I ended up trying a lot of the dungeons, and found out that while I could always fill an LFG group without much problem, not a whole lot of people ran dungeons regular
  5. The consumer, ultimately. As problematic as that is, that's also how stuff works in a (relatively) free market. Sometimes, when things go wrong, legislators and the courts define it, but this is nowhere near that scale of importance. For me, "properly" explaining LW at purchase would at least include an asterisk that tells players that some story elements are only available with LW, which is not included with their bundle. ANet probably wants to avoid this at all costs, because nothing can torpedo a sale as fast as "hey, do you realize we're selling you something, but some important
  6. Yeah not getting my hopes up too high about it, honestly. It's been such a widespread complaint for so long, if ANet actually cared I'm certain they'd at least have a conversation with us about it. But all we got is more clutter, and we even got Virtuoso's "hahaha try to see anything under this giant pink cloud of knives" ability. I'm just baffled that such a basic feature like turning down others' effects didn't get included in the GW2 client. It seems so standard across games that care about visual quality. Then again, I have no clue about game dev, so maybe that feature would have been
  7. You're missing the point, again. Some companies can get away with putting important things in their DLC, so long as players understand the importance of what is in the DLC to the future of their gameplay. So long as ANet explained at purchase that LW DLC has story continuation in it, I'd be fine with essential things being put into LW. Some companies can get away with not explaining DLC very much, because their DLC is truly optional and exists purely as a moneymaker between xpacs. If ANet didn't put main story chapters and other important things into LW, I'd be fine with the current
  8. I think that judgment is hasty. We know so little about it. Granted, what little we do know looks unexciting for a lot of folks, so your feelings are understandable. I've been disappointed with elite specs so far and I don't care for fishing, but the environment they showed in the skiff/fishing stream looked pretty good. Don't forget about siege turtle. I'm guessing it'll be nerfed into uselessness unless they actually want mounted combat to be a real thing, but that's probably the one feature so far that I'm excited about.
  9. You completely missed the point. I don't have a problem with the fact that ANet charges for LW. I even think that the price is fair. What they are doing wrong is doing the following two things at the same time: (1) not properly explaining what LW content is, how it's bought, and therefore making it quite easy to miss, and (2) putting important story and mechanical elements in there. Neither of those things has to do with price. (1) alone is fine, other games have truly optional DLC that players don't need for story or gameplay improvements.
  10. You're far from alone in this. The visual vomit of too many effects stacked on bosses is a widespread complaint. It wouldn't be so bad if GW2 allowed you to turn off effects generated by other players, which is a feature that I'm hoping is in the pipe alongside the DX11 update. Their recent rework of combo field visuals suggests to me that they're working on a way to have us be able to turn off others' effects, but that combo fields will still remain visible and less obtrusive. And yeah, get arc. Since you actually seem to care about how you're performing, arcdps will help immensel
  11. I agree completely. This is actually a more fundamental problem with LW than the poor marketing/explanation of it that OP highlighted. ANet is trying to have its cake and eat it too. If they want to explain LW DLC so poorly and make it so easy to miss, they shouldn't include central story elements/important things like the Skyscale in it. On the other hand, if they want to include all these essential elements, they need to explain the system better. Instead, ANet is doing both: (1) not explaining it and making it look like purely side content from a purchasing standpoin
  12. First things first: I agree that ANet should do a better job of explaining what LW is, and that it is not included in a standard purchase. That said, you made this a lot worse for your friend. This entire post seems to indicate your lack of engagement and knowledge with the game. Core maps (the 9-year-old content) remain highly populated, as do the maps from the first expansion. Your friend doesn't have to choose your server to play with you, thanks to megaservers (and soon to be added for WvW, alliances). Dungeons might be officially abandoned content for development purposes, but
  13. Excellent point, I agree wholeheartedly. What I consider the most "casual" aspect of GW2 is the durability of improvements you make to your characters and accounts, which includes gear and the things that gear doesn't do. Everyone can dodge, and everyone has active countermeasures like blocks and stunbreaks. These are tied to your class, you choosing to run X number of these countermeasures, and you learning when to best use them to suit your playstyle. A big part of adapting to the threats in HoT involve you just getting more comfortable with those specific mobs, and h
  14. The 6 pages of the thread so far covered most of my opinions, but I just want to highlight the egregiously large handguard. The guards on the infused katana/wakizashi are also a bit oversized, but the gunsaber one is vomit-inducing.
  15. @Brimwood.7963, upon reading the entirety of your initial post, I don't think any of the issues you describe are actually specific to the Living World format itself. As others have told you, they actually did make LW permanently change the game world. That's why the Tower of Nightmares has always been a fallen ruin for me in Kessex Hills, since I started playing the game well after LWS1 asked players to find and topple that tower. Also, as far as I am aware, no other game has had the nerve to torch a well-loved player hub city, then replace it with a really watered down version, then populate
  16. Eh. I refer you to the comment thread on this decent postmortem on Wildstar, where two people identifying themselves respectively as a former dev and former artist comment on the very serious problems with developing the game. Apparently artists had to learn how to code to solve problems that higher ups were actively creating with mismanagement and hubris. NCSoft, both in the video itself and the former employees' comments, seem to have very little to do with the rapid deterioration of the game. Wildstar, for all intents and purposes, serves as one of the poorest possible products to compare w
  17. ^ This. @Ellye.9123, please take a note of this. I make a point of joining "new player/watching cutscenes" type of LFG listings all the time, and I'm one of the people who solos all the story modes and most of the explorables. When I join those new person LFGs, I am extremely protective of that experience, to the point that I usually offer to pull us out of LFG so only the LFG maker(s) are in there with me, and they get a full experience without herding cats or having to deal with people skipping scenes and clearing all the trash up to the next boss. Of course if they want to wait
  18. Agreed. Even if you're a bad spvp player like me, if you play enough classes for long enough, it's pretty obvious what most baseline choices are. A lot of warrior builds lean on the Defense line, Wilderness Survival is basically a requirement for most rangers, etc. Add to that the ever-shrinking amulet choices, and it makes things that much easier to figure out. Also big true. That said, this is coming from a player perspective. It might as well be a secret to CMC and ANet though.
  19. I can't remember exactly where, but I also remember that kind of admission. I believe it too - I think SAB is certainly a fun thing to have around and I can see why many folks love it, but I don't participate in or enjoy it that much. It is fun in small bites for me, but the fun it provides me doesn't outweigh how much effort I would personally need to make the harder clears or farm up enough currency for the coolest rewards. I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of people shared my position.
  20. I would support this. I think ANet has ample in-game mechanisms to do it, between fractals and the scrying pool. If they feel the need to revisit something, I always consider fractals and the scrying pool the first things they should consider using.
  21. I'm not into RP (feels like too much work to get right, for me), and I also agree that the community is probably much too small for ANet to justify investing significant systems work for. That said, ANet doesn't appear to need to do much to satisfy some of what OP is looking for. Just having a separate RP chat channel that is by default disabled, and only those interested in doing it can turn on, would be really nice I think. The other thing that might work well without too much effort would be creating more decoratable story instances in the main cities. It would basically be mini
  22. This is especially true after the resistance rework. Yes, I know we're talking about power rev, but the resistance uptime on a mallyx rev could be a solid sidenoder if the people coming to defend the node were condi builds. So it was a weird niche build/use that could handle condi in the past, and now they don't even have that.
  23. Thanks Grey, and @draxynnic.3719 as well. Rev is among my least played classes, and I didn't know/remember this tidbit about them. Still opposed to seeing Shiro again though. It's not just ANet - other studios sometimes fall into the habit of resurrecting too many big names from their game worlds' pasts, and it rarely works out well. It usually ends up trampling on whatever made those characters compelling in the first place.
  24. No, for me. Shiro is currently a spirit that revenants can call on, and even talk to from time to time. Not sure I'd want to see another weird lore complication introduced by having a spirit version of Shiro with revenants, then have a returning version of Shiro walking around doing other things.
  25. Agreed, both what you said, and the initial post you were responding to. I am of the opinion that spvp is probably a bottom-tier moneymaker for ANet, based solely on the fact that it requires absolutely no money investment to do well at what matters in that game mode. No cosmetics needed, no server transfers, bag space is not that hard to manage, etc. The mode also showers you with xp tomes and transmutes, which are among the most useful consumables in the game. It's not hard to get a legendary backpack out of it in just a couple of seasons, and I still think the spvp legendary arm
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