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  1. Ok, this was more heated than I expected. For those who don't understand the issue here's an analogy: Imagine you was walking along and suddenly realize that you are wearing a green shirt when you know that you don't like wearing green. And for a moment you don't remember choosing a green shirt and thought you were wearing blue this entire time. The analogy isn't perfect, but that's kind of what it feels like. Regarding keyboard use, I find that moving the camera with a mouse pales in complexity to using skills, moving, dodging, switching targets, and using toolbelt
  2. As a left-handed person, I have come to accept that the world is designed for the 90% that is right-handed. But I thought I'd ask anyway. When playing my human engineer, I sometimes get very disoriented when using a pistol or sword as the main weapon, because the main weapon is always in the right hand. Frankly, I don't know if I can communicate how strongly it hits me. It seems like a lot of work to invert every animation for every character, but having a toggle for left-handed animations would really, really improve my quality of play. Thanks.
  3. Got my last druid stone. Now just need to get some elements of the elements and plant some plants. And go talk to Kodama a LOT.
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