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  1. I tank with the boon chill dodge and it’s just a bit too small to reliably get boons to my party right now, all three going up by another 180 wouldn’t hurt anyone
  2. they should increase the radius of all 3 dodges by 180 imo
  3. It's terrible for pve maybe, however in wvw it's a target rich environment and if your build has enough interrupt aoe on tap you can keep this up plenty during a big team fight. I have been playing with this on my vindicator lately using mallyx/shiro and it's up enough to be very very nice.
  4. I will miss being able to have infinite dodges from sigils of stamina 😞 I also question if Anet will let us retain the meager dps we have if they give us back normal dodges...
  5. The way that archimorus heal works is not at all good for pvp. I would think mallyx/Jalis/shiro are all better options in pvp.
  6. Next to is a relative term. But yeah fair enough. Besides it’s not like you are going to hurt anyone, but you can bait out a lot of burst and put enemy skills on cooldown.
  7. I agree about your points except for the dps loss, it’s fairly minor, especially if the cc can be anticipated so you have gs ready to spike the broken bar.
  8. Any encounter actually requiring significant cc, I just drop s/s for staff.
  9. Actually with stamina sigils you can get away with some absolutely ridiculous 1-X action provided that you are tagging enemies that your squad is mopping up behind you while you distract the enemy Zerg.
  10. I play heal alac boon support rev and even with 100% boon duration spamming the tablet isn’t very effective, the only reason it works well for vindicator is because it can get boon extension from the dodge which it can do fairly often with energy sigils and f2. And yes the radius is punishing just like chrono wells, but if people stack properly it’s ok. So imo it’s pretty reasonable to think anet will be able to give revenant a quickness build in the future without tablet being a big problem.
  11. Gs5 revised in competitive, cast time change and or damage buff. Make the area of all 3 vindicator dodge variants a tad bigger. Give herald love in both damage and support. Yeet mace 3 into the sun and replace it with something that isn’t animation locked. Make spear of archimorus not suck so bad.
  12. Gs4 is my favorite block in the game.
  13. Oh my bad I thought it was 37.9, my memory is faulty apparently, anyway I would expect another 250 power from notoriety to get it into the 39-40k area if I had to guess. Maybe I need to try my hand at a benchmark video.
  14. Me neither, but it’s like another 250 power so it should. The only bench I have seen is without notoriety at like nearly 38k .
  15. Revenant Forerunner of Death: Updated the description to indicate that only strike damage is affected no wonder the vindicator condi builds I was trying are so disappointing
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