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  1. It’s probably going to stack with the other trinket effects like aurora
  2. Man every time I post a new topic on my phone it double posts, sorry mods ?
  3. Word in mists general chat was 120 ranked wins and 20 tournament wins are needed... Thoughts?
  4. Word in mists general chat was 120 ranked wins and 20 tournament wins are needed... Thoughts?
  5. I believe that's the case that you can overcap with that trait, but I have full vipers+nightmare, and it's still better to use doom/earthx2/geo than to max out burning and torment as far as I can tell on the golem.
  6. I would gladly trade battlescars for a 10-15% pve dps increase for power
  7. sb4 requiring LOS is silly and irritating I think all projectile weapons and skills should require LOS.I guess I should clarify, by line of sight I mean that you can't cast it behind you, which makes it extremely difficult to use while kiting. But in terms of flavor since you are firing the arrows into a portal to the char dimension, and they then reappear through another portal, there really shouldn't be a requirement that you can't cast it behind you. Also I wouldn't mind if you couldn't cast them in a cone area behind you so much, but the denial zone is 180 degrees which is crazy. In real
  8. I have started using a similar build in pvp except instead of shiro, mallyx, and instead of ret, devastation. I went with celestial stats and runes, and picked up all the heal on resistance traits and 20% damage redux while resistance is up. I found I actually had decent sustain between the battle scars and resistance working together, and celestial gives a bit of healing and armor as well which seemed to help a touch. I really need to start using the mallyx leap more aggressively rather than using the elite skill as much. Although it's pretty nice when you are trying to stomp the downed to ke
  9. hmmn I was able to get 100% uptime at just 78% bd just now on heal ren
  10. Well agree to disagree I guess, I for one don't think it would be gamebreaking if alacragade did 32k dps instead of 28k or whatever it is now. I wouldn't mind a new elite spec with like GS or something that was more clearly defined as a power DPS spec, but god knows how long we will have to wait for something like that, if it ever happens at all. In the mean time would anyone really be sad to see the PVE coeffs on sword buffed a bit?
  11. It won't be. Alacrigade is support so high DPS isn't expected and they'll still have a place. The heal variant isn't affected. Condi ren has a build variant that uses shiro but it's not required. In open world it doesn't really matter but using Jalis is probably comparable. That's fine and all but I really want actual power rev dps to be a thing in raids at some point. It's fun as hell to play and I want it! That’ll require rev to have an actual power DPS elite spec. Yes, please.I mean isn't herald already kinda that with the upkeep damage and % damage on boons as well?
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