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  1. But instead of big robot arm punchy kit, we get a pet. I havent been less excited about an expansion pack in any game than I am right now. It's either going to be OP or it will be lame and reworked in a year (cough scrapper cough) Pet AI isn't fun to me. It's like playing a trap class, passive dmg is lame.
  2. They have been way too strong for too long, and they have gotten buffs almost every balance patch. Kroof from YT pretty much summed up some changes that could be made in a very well thought out video. I do my ranked and unrank, and I dont think theres a single game without a guardian, or two. You dont see that with other classes (necro is runner up). Time for some changes. Please!
  3. Raids attract very little because the game isnt rewarding. You beat on a pillar and rely on rotating a reflect or an immune to declare skill. There is no trinity in this game, so raiding will always attract the lowest number in the game, not keep players attention, and be BORING to watch or even care about. WoW did raiding right. GW2 did not due to its class design and PVE mechanics. While some may like it, they are a minority in the gaming community, and you shouldnt aim to make those vocal few happy, but look forwards to making your game successful. Also no mentions of elite specs.
  4. Classes have great damage, great survivability, great synergy with the rest of the team. I miss the days when you had to sacrifice dmg for survivability or vice versa.Unbalanced mess.
  5. Everyone complains about condi thief... I have no issues fighting them on any of my classes.. except necro. Mirages on the other hand, are just plain stupid. CC, immunities, dodges, and the visual spam + target clearing.. You cant have your cake, your neighbors cake, and your kids cake, and eat it too. Warriors numbers are bloated, everything is just too good. Rampage especially, 50% dmg reduction?? That's a mad-mans number. It should take increased dmg... not decreased. Scourge is too skilless, and you can just spam all your crap in a row. Low effort. Holo is even less skilless. just spam y
  6. I reported this issue almost a year ago, its not ever going to get fixed. Anet doesn't really care about anything anymore.
  7. They have still not fixed the geo glider for charrs, so fat chance. Anet doesnt care about the people that give them money. This is a proven fact.
  8. Holosmith can sustain 25 stacks of might during a fight, and almost perma-quickness. No class should be able to do this WHILE pumping out CCs, self-stab, and burst.
  9. Not sure where you're going with this, but you sound like an anet apologist. We all give money to feel entertained, the loot system is not entertaining, it brings down the fun for a lot of us. If you have nothing to add to the conversation you don't have to be here.
  10. The feel of being rewarded. I have been playing MMOs since 1998, and while I love GW2, I absolutely HATE the loot system. Almost everything is random, and you get your bags filled with junk constantly. Bag Wars 2 its been called and its not so far from the truth. They had an amazing currency karma, which could have been used as a base currency to get the things you wanted, and to combo them with new maps so people couldnt just stock pile and burn it on new maps, but it was squandered, then changed, then new systems were put into place that were the same in use.... but change for the sake of
  11. Jalis line in general is pretty MEH. Road is boring, Spinning hammers is boring, taunt is decent now, but really hard to get more than 1 taunted anyway. I feel that Jalis road should be removed and give us something else. Vengeful hammers should at the least give retal for its duration. But I would like to see it removed as a toggle, and added as a CD of 12 seconds, 20 energy, gives you its current effect for 10 seconds.
  12. Do you enjoy with impossible achievements? It's not impossible. It's just put of most people's reach. Which is what most achievements SHOULD be. Aside from that being the worst logic I can think of, if you add something that practically no player will get, at least don't make it something like cultural armor which people have been begging for for years. Back on release the 120g needed to complete a full set of T3 Cultural Armor was considered insane. This is back in an era where converting gems into gold would get you about 10 gold for 800 ($10) in gems. This new helm is literally "Helm
  13. Please fix this. This should never happen. https://imgur.com/a/amlZr5e
  14. Gembrood saga, where they sell elite specs that are 100% more op than the rest.
  15. RNG has what I call an "interest curve" Its only interesting until you get pissed off about spending your time trying to get something and not getting it in a decent amount of time or at all Your logic is flawed. A grind would guarantee people play the game. RNG doesnt encourage me to play the game, in fact i've played less since the only reward I want is locked behind a lottery. I also stopped buying gems because why in the hell would I want to financially support a company that does this? Fuck them.
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