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  1. can someone explain this to me ? 1 - a list of all ach ids - https://imgur.com/a/WbB86ux 2 - when i check ach with id 11 it says no such ach but its in the list of all achievements 🙂 ? https://imgur.com/a/4n8SYlO why do you have nulls in your api ?
  2. Hi guys were looking for 1 member to join our team. we raid monday and wendsday 7 30pm gmt+1 were all experienced old raiders and would like to get a veteran player to join us. we use discord its a must, 77 kp dhuum, magical fire djinni 1 & 2 77kp, kp.me for verification. we are not toxic elitists we dont expect you to have 95% bench to join that would be ridiculous, all we ask is that you be competent in your role and to be able to play multiple roles not just dps. mechanics over mindlessly mashing buttons anytime. if you are i
  3. also add liquid gold rewards to wvw it still feels horrible compared to pve and pvp.
  4. but no yeah hey why am grouped with the spanish speaking people in wvw in this beta, i dont speak it i dont care about it, just let me click an english only button so i can group with english speaking players.
  5. The moment they add the chickens as playable is when i ask for a refund.
  6. the only thing i heard related to the op question is accounts having a hidden value that affect drops, supposedly created when you create the account and rng. but i have no idea if its true or not.
  7. Cool good job anet devs, now give me the option to remove visual effects from all infusion and make infusion work like legendaries and i will be super happy.
  8. thats just one side of the story and mostly not true for a large amount of players plenty people use it to improve, on the other side i dont think someone who does 7k dps as a dps should be allowed in the group at that point he or she is just a deadweight to the party and i find it very rude that those people dont care about other memebers of the party having to put in more effort and carry that person.
  9. i dont think they will ever do that arc dps is in the grey zone the other dps meter they banned , also arc has boon charts mechanic charts hell with the extension now it can check kp of players in other instances which is supper userfull if anything that should be in the core game by default and not have a third party website check kp.
  10. full relog fixed the issue but now all the icons in wvw are sideways xd https://imgur.com/a/YIaXvjn
  11. what is this bug its like the second time its happened to me in like a month https://imgur.com/a/fli78NU you should really fix this because no rewards = me not touching wvw and im sure im not the only one.
  12. you do realize you have the option of not buying runs right ? telling others what they can and cant do is highly self centered of you.
  13. get friends go play with them, or a guild if you dont have friends.
  14. same happened to me no pips progression on seafarers so i just alt f4 that kitten not playing if pips are not working.
  15. i can some people have like 10 sets of them they would be pissed i only have 2 and thats mainly because my first set coudnt gather volatile magic. but yes i agree they should make them work like legendaries.
  16. log out of gw2 log in your gw1 char log back in gw2 it will be solved. its a thing they made to fix an error that gave gwamm to people who finished intro boss bug , not joking. however as all things anet it is buggy and sometimes it wippes achs when it should not.
  17. did you turn on dx11 in game settings before ? from what i know dx11 requires win10 and with them fully moving to dx11 eventually you might as well switch.
  18. I think what all of you are missing they should have banned malediktus a long long time ago because he was multiboxing wvw to serve his needs, the dude literally has over 30 accounts, and tos clearly states you cant multibox wvw or pvp . https://help.guildwars2.com/hc/en-us/articles/360013658134-Policy-Dual-or-Multi-Boxing
  19. i agree with you only if they exploit bauble farm in verdant brink, them farming wood or some other junk i really dont care about.
  20. Having multiple accounts its not against the tos, neither is multiboxing in pve, neither is standing still for no reason. i dont agree with him farming with 12 accounts but its not against the rules.
  21. how would the keybinds be set for the controller ?
  22. they should add more sexy swimsuits not just base ugly ones.
  23. i get random crashes on dx11 not often but its annoying when in meta.
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