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  1. To be honest with you I like Rytlock, Eir and Caithe becouse of that. They have their flaws and they are not perfect, and in opposite to Braham, a-net got us a good explanation why they acted like they did. Caithe was in love with Faolain and this love clouded her judgement, Eir left Braham out of feeling of duty to end the dragons that were threating the norn, Rytlock was shown at the beginning like a true blood legion soldier a true "Drill Sergeant" and later as we get to know him he's not a simple stereothypical charr, he cares about his son, he felt shame about all Balthazar buisness and w
  2. Judging from the recent update I thing it will be more like... 3 min instance where you will be playing as Braham and kill this dragon with a laser or something.
  3. Not to mention millions of plot holes. They could actually throw up a decent ending insctnce, with some dialogues filling up this holes. Like what is happening to norn women that were captured by Jormag, how are charr high ranks looking now and how Crecia became imperator while not even beeing related to the blood branch of Khan-Ur family, how it is possible that Braham reverted to his normal form after dragons deaths and if spirits are so powerful to revert dragons corruption or at least shield from it than why they didn't shield other norn that were corrupted by Jormag while fighting against
  4. + + + + + it's already been three kittenys, and theres still no information about this item. One can kittenume it's drop rate is bugged.
  5. Dark and gloomy Echovald Forest and enormous labyrynth of slums in Kaineng city. It's just shouts for a spider mount. (with an option to toggle it off and some free skin that do not look like a spider for arachnofobhic)
  6. Found another "Dan" at Drizzlewood. https://imgur.com/Y4dTv9N
  7. Yep. To everyone that don't like this infusion, try to tinker with it. You may get amazing effects. https://imgur.com/nGaO3V8 <-- This one is without infusion https://imgur.com/3dIcB5C <-- and this one with deldrimor infusion. Aaaand heres some other screen with it. https://imgur.com/KM9ig4X If you aim in some noir look.
  8. I really hope A-Net will straighten this up. We already have way too many plot holes in the game. (Yes looking at you Malyck)
  9. So, in latest "chatting with Bangar" achivment part, Crecia is trying to communicate with Jormag and she introduces herself as Imperator Crecia Stoneglow. As far as i know only decendants of the original Khan-Ur's Blood Legion cub can take the seat of Blood Legion imperator. So can it be Crecia is related to Bangar bloodline somehow, or there are no releatives left to take this position traditionally, or charrs suddenly do not care about the tradition anymore, or this is just a plot hole? What are your thoughts?
  10. Still bugged and I have no way to get that kitten item. I can't change serv due to megaservers and lack of ppls. >.>
  11. This are the only Legendary Mounts I want to see.
  12. Hey! By that rifle I mean Commando assault rifle from first year easter egg and from "A Star to Guide Us" Living Story episode when commandos appeared in one place as a joke. Me and (I belive) many other peoples would throw money in to it without thinking and you already got the model ready. ^^ Forgive me for my english and if you didn't see a screen I'm usually only reading posts and have problem with making them. You can also get chat code for this rifle from here https://www.reddit.com/r/Guildwars2/comments/9gzp8t/datamined_rifle_from_commando_trailer_2011/
  13. Yeah I would love to see some NPC's from our living story. Tonn meeting somehow with his wife so she could finally stop blaming us for his death, Apatia (I know they both are meant to put some drama into story, but hey! we already saw Eir anyways), Carys saying her last goodbye to Tegwen, Demmi Bettlestone, Ben Tenstrike, Sayeh, we have Almora Soulkeeper included in recent story so what about other order's masters Gixx and Ri... APPLES APPLES FOR SALE! ONLY APPLES OVER HERE! Master of Whispers, even Faolain would be a nice sight finally released from the chains of nightmare and Mordremoth (sy
  14. So guys do you think we can possibly meet Tybalt (ew. other order mentor) inside mists with next update just like we meet Eir, Snaff and Glint? I wish to have whole map in the mists with dear ol Tybalt following you around like Blish in previous update and having some custome funny apple dialogues with him or having him and Demmi involved in Story or at least making him a heart vendor. What do you guys think?
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