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  1. i feel you there in terms of raw numbers. but there are alot of factors that i think would make the case. if you just hate sword, and love mace, that would be enough. if you can hit similar numbers to the point where people arent asking you why your 10th below the healer or anything... also, there are some fights, (like Largos) where the condi verson of whatever will always be better, and in those cases, a power herald in full legendary could just switch to this instead. so i dont see it as "teets on a bull" so to speak, more like.... another flavor. and considering that power herald is VANILLA.... like BASIC.... unflavored yogurt.... static as a tv station.... the greatful dead.... like.... auto 2, auto 2, auto 2, auto 2, auto 2, get snack, auto 2.... Bo-ring. so, to me, the ramp time would only invalidate the build if its ramp was somehow unusually slow compaired to many condi classes... but condiering how many LONG condis on short cd's, it cant be more that one or two passes through your skills b4 hitting peak dps. and, its not as if you'd get kicked from groups over having a ramp up time vs not. and if ya would get kicked from that group, my bet is, you not only know all the dudes like that, but are one, and wont have this problem in the first place.
  2. I'm going to go over my thoughts on making Mallyx more impactful. Many of the traits and utilities are weak. Or at least, feel weak. Abyssal Chill is a good example of this, very strong in pvp, nearly must take. But.... severely "meh." in pve. some of these issues can be handled with split skills, or revamps. Maths disclaimer: I'm not doing any. All the numbers you see come straight from rectal data. So if you disagree with how much torment, or how long, or how many ticks of 3k dmg, whatever. Please know that IF any of my suggestions are taken seriously by the dev team, I'd trust them to do the math and figure it out so it all works. If they haven't gotten there yet, I suspect this is more because of developers either being burnt out after YEARS at it, and could use fresh eyes. Or, those developers who are still fresh inherited the keys to the kingdom, and although they can make changes.... their job would be on the line if the changes they make aren't well received. That being said, what the dev team would need from us, is passion. if they know that we all feel passionate about changing the game in the same direction, they can work with that knowing that the changes would result in mostly positive feedback. I guarantee that devs who gut peoples favorite class have a real uncomfortable meeting with a manager about "what to do moving forward." Mallyx, a study: http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PmABkel7lhQKsIyiJRXMICjBSiMBqgj7kVzE-zRJYyx/ZkuUNEVlSPIhwfL8OtBA-e I used the above build for all my reference numbers. (it has no other bearing on my post at all.) Empowering Misery: "Heal yourself. Heal for more foe each condition on you." Heal for: 4636, heal per condition: 600 add: gain 2 sec of resolution per condition on you in PvE, 1 sec per condi on you in PvP. Heal for more if you are Confused: 1200 Banish Enchantment: "Deal damage, apply chill, and remove boons from your foe." dmg 3x 399, chill 3 stax 2sec, remove 3 boons, unblockable change: remove 3 boons into corrupt 2 boons. (i nor anyone else CARES that corrupting boons is supposed to be a necro thing...but so was death shroud and we saw how that worked out) Call To Anguish: "Leap toward the targeted area and pull foes toward your landing point." dmg: 400, chill 3sec, pull 360, 5 targets. 150 defiance break add: after the initial pull, this AoE pulses 3 times. 1 Torment for 5 sec, 1 Confusion for 10sec, 1 Poison for 20sec in PvE. in PvP 1 torment for 2 sec, 1 confusion for 4 sec, 1 poison for 10 sec.) (the reason for adding damage here, is an attempt to encourage using more than just the elite in pve. in pvp the shorter multi condi burst would be used to capstone your existing condi stack, with counter-play allowing a savvy player to cleanse on the first pulse and ignore the latter two.) Pain Absorption: "Grant resistance to yourself and nearby allies. absorb conditions from those allies, gaining resolution and an additional resistance per condition." 1 condi transferred, resistance 5 sec. resolution 8sec, self resistance per condi 2 sec. stun break. (Why is this like this? take condis off friendlies... and give them the ability to ignore movement condis? what movement condis? the ones you just took? this trait is fighting with itself.) Rework: "Cleanse condis from allies in an area around you, and gain 10 sec of Resistance. For each condi cleansed from an ally gain 1 stack of 10 sec Self Confusion. For each stack of Confusion you gain, gain 4sec of resolution. Embrace The Darkness: "Summon the power of the legendary daemon to transform yourself into a powerful avatar. pulse torment to nearby foes. using skills that cost energy increase the torment applied on the next pulse." dmg :100, Torment 10sec, additional torment 2 stax 10sec. add: if you are confused, transfer 1 stack of confusion per pulse. (This is intended to work with the new version of pain absorption, so that you don't have to buy traits just to make it work. this is why confusion was introduced, both because there used to be some confusion on mallyx, and because it lends strongly to the theme. confusion has been reserved for two places in Gw2, mesmer stuff, and hitting people with maces. I think that confusion can be broadened to describe the subtle shadow magics directed at torment of the mind. It wouldn't have to be illusions specifically to cause mental anguish. Just ask anyone with a mental disorder. Just having violent thoughts can be physically painful, and confusion perfectly encapsulates this kind of pain, which a daemon would have to be a master of.) Traits: Unselectable 1- Invoke Torment: 1 stack 20 sec torment on legend swap. add: 1 stack 20 sec confusion Unselectable 2- Seething Malice: your condition damge is increased 120. Remove/Replace:Seething malice is replace by Abyssal Chill - 1 stack of 12 sec torment on chill (this has been made non-selectable, because its relative impact is low. However where it is used, it is a lynch-pin trait. making it baseline solves many of the issues with this trait without having to balance it.) Unselectable 3- Yearning Empowerment: +10% condition duration to all damaging condis Change/Update: Yearning Empowerment is combined into Acolyte of Torments: gain 10% torment damage, and 10% duration to all damaging conditions. (all revnant builds using conditions at all, will all use torment as their primary condi, making us choose whether or not to take this trait only severs to underline how the other traits dont compare and are never chosen.) Top Row: The top row had multiple underperfoming traits, and had other traits clearly in competition with its purpose. in changed this trait line, as well as moved some passives around in order to make the top row into a clear row of DPS traits. we should not wonder which traits are for dps, they should be self evident. Tier 1: Acolyte of Torment: Torment gets +10% damage Remove/Replace: Acolyte of torment is replaced by Permanent Confusion: Confusion does 66% less damage on skill activation, but 100% more damage over time. (note again on these numbers. the point here is to make confusion operate more like bleeding, with the skill activation being tiny drops in the bucket, and the ticking element taking over the lions share of the damage. this is intended to make confusion less dependent on what a target is doing, and more about stack quantity. this would allow it to be "just another damaging condi" in pvp if this trait is chosen. In pvp it would be better to choose another trait, allowing confusion to punish skill activation instead. The net effect should be however, that when fighting a target that allows you to stack up tons of confusion, the ticking component should do notably more dps, if much less burst.) Tier 2: Abyssal Chill: when you chill a foe, Torment them 1 stack 12 sec. Remove/Replace:Abyssal Chill is moved, New trait- Sear the Weak!: when you apply weakness to a foe Burn them for 1 stack 8 sec. (Weakness has made an appearance in a lot of places throughout Revnant, and this will allow previously nonexistent synergies. such as burning on the Jallis road, staff two, and mace three.) Tier 3: Diabolic Inferno: invoke torment applied 1 stack 20 sec poison, and 1 stack 8 sec burning (seems fine in its current state when compared against all the other changes.) Mid Row: Currently the middle row wants to give you Resistance.. but resistance is significantly less good than Resiliance.... basically i cant imagine any reason to take any of the middle traits in their current iteration. even in pvp, other trait lines, and other legends synergize better as survival traits, mostly because you can still be burned up with condis.... and very, very few builds rely on weakness, blind, chill, immob, and cripple without any damaging condis at all. defending against only debuff condis can be done with any other condi cleanse. Tier 1: Demonic Defiance: Gain 3sec of resistance when using a Daemon Skill. Add: Resilience you grant lasts 30% longer Tier 2: Daemonic Resistance: Incoming strike damage is reduced while you have resistance on you 20% Change/add: Daemonic Resistance: Incoming strike damage is reduced while you have resistance on you 15% Incoming strike damage is reduced while you have resiliance on you 15% Tier 3: Fiendish Tendency: invoke torment grants resistance, resistance heals you per interval. 400 Change/add: Fiendish Tendency: invoke torment grants resistance, and resiliance, resistance heals you per interval. 200 resiliance rants barrier per interval. 200 Bottom Row: the ultimate in maschocism technology. its a super cool idea, but if you build for condi damge, you WILL murder yourself. secondly, if you take the tier1 trait, and not the tier 3 trait.... you WILL kill yourself. However, it is my hope that with all the new access to Resiliance, perhaps surviving your own condis wouldnt be so bad now. it does strike me that it would be ok if self condi's were the highest dps potential, but thats mostly because it would require CONSTANT attention from a healer, or extremely skilled play. this could be discussed here, honestly this trait line is simeltaneously the coolest, yet the hardest to invision how it fits against the other lines. Tier 1: Replenishing Despair: While maintaining an upkeep skill, energy pips are increased but apply 1 stack 10sec self torment every interval. Change/Nerf: apply 1 stack to self for 8 sec (the duration was cut back slightly because to the aditional self damage from confusion and burning added elsewhere.) Tier 2: Pact of Pain: +15% condi duration on foes, +10% condi duration on self Add: burn yourself on crit. 1 stack 20sec. 40sec ICD. (this addition was designed to fit better into this trait line, and by having the revnant do 3 diffrent self condis, it gives the enemy a false sense of security thinking you have been bombed alot when its only been a little. also, that extra burn stack will help alot to bring our dps up to reasonable levels when using these traits. also, if using this trait to increase duration without its partner traits, puts you at risk from that one powerful stack of burning. this forces those who min-max to find a way to deal with this burn stack, or simply take a diffrent middle trait.) Tier 3: Permeating Pestilence: invoke torment copies 3 condis from you to enemies. Change/update: invoke torment copies Burning, Torment, and Confusion from yourself to your enemies. (this is designed to only transfer the condis you can do to yourself, while leaving the revnent open to poison, both as a counterplay, and to ensure that you dont nuke yourself. thats just not fun if its too easy to die from self condis.)
  3. Well that sounds awesome. I'm especially glad to drop the concentration sigil. More damage is great. However, considering that it uses mace axe and doesn't swap (save to save itself with the shield's "Oh kitten!" Button.) It could easily run staff just to allow for cc. Although Mallyx has that pull, which is a pretty nice breaker. Also Flint has that knockback, also a nice breaker. Between those two and chill spam it may not need any more cc. Cause, every time it pulls out the staff the DPS would drop quicker than a viper's weaver in double water attunement... But if it turns out to need the staff? Absolutely. But your read on this would be something like : "definably not a waste of time to go get a full set of heavy ritualist gear?" Ty for the input.
  4. What is that condi build that does not use corruptions? I feel as though Mallyx in PvE is extremely boring. Activate energy drain skill spam weapon moves till legend swap. There's no reason to use any of the Mallyx skills short of a breakbar. Also, the trait lines seem to make little sense. Specifically the traits built on tormenting *yourself*. On Necro putting condis on yourself can get extremely painful, and that's mostly bleeding. Tormenting yourself hits HARD. The idea of transferring condi's onto the enemy is cool.... But Mallyx rev should have a set of passive buff-boons (like superspeed) that are applied to the rev while condi's are ticking on them. Would give you a reason to stack up self condi's, and a reason to pull condi's off the party. "Come on Slothozor shake again, I'm about to swap out of Mallyx!" Like 'Take the pain': while inflicted with torment, always count as moving even when standing still, and torment does 50% less damage to you for the first 8 sec. There would be some kind of similar effect for all the condi's. This rewarding a rev who eats a signet of spite and doesn't purge it off.
  5. This has been the reason given by the Devs since the beginning. I contend however, that there is no Invocation trait line weapon. Or, the "magic wand" with which the magician does all the magic. I get that once Jallis is attuned, the "magic wand" is the hammer. But what weapon was the Revenant using *before* calling Jallis from the mists? This, to me, is the obvious spot where a ranged revenant weapon should sit. Something like a scepter, or pistol would be excellent here. I'd use the Trident as a design inspiration. Where each move on the "Invocation" themed weapon has a secondary effect that is different depending on which legend had been invoked. Personally I think that Scepter would work better as it has the "magic wand" flavor already.
  6. http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PmABkel7lpQIMLKidRSMMCiJSgsCSgj7kVzE-zRJYyx/ZkuUNEVlSPIhwfL8OtBA-e Does this work? How much DPS could one expect? Anyone out there with legendary gear and spare time feel like running a golem test? I've got my fingers crossed for 25k bench with might, quickness, fury, swiftness, and some protection. What do you guys think? Diamond in n the rough? Or trying to polish a kitten?
  7. Just configured the snowcrows DPS build for specter. https://snowcrows.com/builds/thief/specter/condition-spectre I'm using the full viper's version. However I have run it in some (extremely) smooth PUG raids.... And despite the fact that we cleared everything in 1 pull all night... And despite the fact that my 3-spam rotation is super easy... And despite the fact that there were no other thieves there to overwrite my venoms.... My DPS was LOW. like 18k on average through W1 and W2. I never got above 4th place, and even then only for short bursts at the beginning-middle. By the end of the raid my DPS has shaken down to 6th or 7th. Right next to the healers and tanks. So my question is this: Is Specter's DPS really bad? How is SC claiming 38k? WHERE IS IT? is there some secret to the rotation that can double your output or something? Are W1 and W2 just bad to measure condi? (Can't be, my condi virtuoso hits 30k average through the same bosses.) Basically.... What's going on, and how can I make all the investment into ascended vipers not feel like it's a total waste?
  8. So, the long and the short of it seems to be: "You can tank with thief... but it's not good at it compared to classes with block spam. And you will have to type a short novel to anyone and everyone you raid with about what it is and why you do it, so that the world doesn't end in a salty rain of meta tears.” Sad. I had just been starting to get a nice looking build made up in the Ole skill calculator.
  9. Is that to say, daredevil only? And can Specter overcome it by soaking damage through high health and self healing?
  10. BrokenGlass.9356


    Can thief tank in raid content? If so how? (Usual preface with strange questions like this: if your answer is, "no. Play meta." Then save us all the time and energy and just hit the back button on your browser. We can assume that "If it's possible at all, then I'll go find a group who will let me try it on my own time, without messing up your shiny meta speed runs.")
  11. Oh gawd. So let me address this perspective. ”Only bring meta builds to raids.” no, not necessary. You need 10 players who are good at the game. Will your raid take forever if everyone has Dire gear on? kitten yeah it will. Is it impossible? No. (Outside of some enrage timers.) "If your raiding, just stat swap at first" no, I'm well past 'at first' been playing 10 years and have 15 characters all ascended with multiple sets. "If you're set on grieving." I'm looking for a way to not have this gear be WASTED why would I re-stat it into something else I ALREADY HAVE? "So don't say we didn't warn you and come later complaining how you got kicked. Some people just don't have the patience to give you a shot. They'd just rather have something that's proven. And unless you stat swap, you won't be bringing that into PUGs..." If you have ARC DPS installed you know that MANY players in PUG raids and strikes are using meta builds and playing them poorly. I'm talking about a poor build played perfectly. "Also, pugging raids? I mean, ok.... " I just don't care that you are skeptical of what I'm doing. I have a million builds that hit 24k self buffed on the golem, and I can bring those builds into PUG raids, and never have an issue. (None are "META") Why? Cause most people suck. Leading to the misguided belief that a perfect snowcrows build is needed for everything. But not if you don't suck. Can I bring Snowcrows builds verbatim and hit 34k? Yes. Don't care, wasn't what I'm looking for. I'm looking for a grieving light armor build that's "good enough". Or, something like 24k on the golem.
  12. This is a long the lines I'm thinking. However, the weaver is out, mostly because I just reconfigured that char for all vipers. In fact this gear was my griever weaver. Totally interested by the idea of a grieving harbinger build tho..... Gonna do some serious math on that one.
  13. I'd like to point out to the few folks saying I can stat swap.... Um.... No. The point of my OP was to solve this problem WITHOUT stat swapping. As for those saying 'everything is fine in open world'. Yeah, true. Trying to PUG raid and PUG strike with it. As for meta in raids and strikes... That could be a topic all its own. But the short version is this: 'meta builds are designed by Snowcrows types for speedruns.' having a non-meta but close build will not be noticed assuming you have enough skill to play without dying alot anyways. Long story short. If the meta build can put out 34k dps on the golem from the no-life post-my-achievments-on-youtube guys.... Then when real people play it they'll hit 30k. And when people who are learning it will put out 25k. So if a build puts out 25k at max well played (most grieving builds) nobody will notice that you aren't meta. They just think you aren't very good. So....... Back to my original question?
  14. So I have a set of light grieving armor. All ascended. At first I made this stuff cause I, like many of you, thought grieving would be the BEST stats. Then later I looked at the maths and found that "grieving sucks outside of a tiny set of situations that basically no class is capable of meeting." I say all that because I just LIKE it. It's not good. Definitely. To be sure. What I want to ask the community is this: Can you create a viable* build for a light armor class using grieving? (*Viable is defined in this context as 'middle of the pack dps or better, that won't make people ask about my build.') Meta disclosure: I'm not asking for a meta build, I'm not claiming that hybrid builds can be meta. I don't care if another build is better. All I want is to use the same armor I have, without having to restat/ reskin it. So far I've been toying with: grieving virtuoso, and grieving reaper. And I used to use the snowcrows now archived hybrid weaver. Help buildcrafters! Your my only hope!
  15. Comprehensive rework based on the ideas here in this thread. Conjured weapons become kits.Conjured weapons skills 2-5 now have 2 ammo each. If cast with 2 or more ammo, they are slightly stronger. With 1 ammo remaining, the effect is reduced.Conjured weapons count as (dual) attuning for the purposes of traits.Conjured weapons are now tied to the attunement system. If you are (dual) attuned to the corresponding element, casting the corresponding conjure will increase the effects gained from (dual) attunement by 50% for 10 sec.If master of Conjururation is taken, the bonus gained for summoning while (dual) attuned is increased to 100%, and the auto attack of Conjured weapons is slightly improved, and they now have 3 ammo per skill. This would encourage the use of conjures, and would reward skilled play in allowing you to fill to ration gaps with Conjured skills, just like kits. With the skills rebalanced to be stronger than weapon skills at high ammo, and weaker at low ammo... It rewards budgeting the resource, and punishes spamming the best button. The synergies with attunements allows the elementalist to not loose class synergy when conjuring, and the bonus gained when attuning while attuned to the corresponding element encourages working the conjure into your rotation at the right time. demo explination of this in action: I've just rotated into fire/fire from fire/earth, and just used fire sword 3. I now attune to fire a third time by summoning my conjure flame Axe and gaining enhanced fire attunement bonuses for 10 sec. Later in my rotation I need the dash from the Axe to avoid a sticky situation, but im currently in earth/earth. I use the conjure to summon as normal, gaining the normal (not enhanced) bonuses for attuning to fire, and dash out of the way. Camping Flame Axe becomes less useful than your other weapon skills because the first cast is a dps increase, where as the later ammo casts are a dps loss. So, I'll want to open Flame Axe, use it, then get back out, situationally, but never slowly.
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