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  1. Curses / Death / Blood work well, used to play it (though mostly as support in WvW instead of open PvE content, but it should work well enough too by just changing some skills).
  2. Adding to what Erich.1783 and AliamRationem.5172, Celestial also tends to work decently well for support builds in WvW, by providing a bit of durability, and a decent amount of Healing Power, Concentration and Expertise, while also not completely neglecting your own damage. Necromancer has a number of viable support builds for WvW, either Core or with any of the elite specs, so Celestial is a good set for them there, if you go that route.
  3. For a more direct answer to your thread title: The total amount of stat points provided by Celestial gear is higher than any other type of gear - but it's the least specialized one, divided one among all possible attributes. This makes it so Celestial is a fantastic option if your character build can truly make use of all or nearly all of those attributes, but it lags behinds other stat combinations for builds that are more focused on a single, more specialized, role or goal.
  4. This part I strongly disagree with. I play the game, even play it nearly daily, but I have a limited amount of time for that I don't enjoy spending that time doing a chore list. I only do dailies if they are already close to what I wanted to do anyway, and I don't want to go out of my way to do dailies. I agree with everything else, though.
  5. The less chore lists, the better, as far as I'm concerned. Dailies, weeklies, monthlies - those things only exist to be psychological traps. I want them out of videogames. Now, if it's a choice between dailies or monthlies, then I do prefer monthlies in the way the OP described them.
  6. I see it as Strike being the fun part of instanced group content (boss fight) without the filler (everything else). They are the only instanced group content that interest me, in GW2.
  7. People AFK-farming is just ugly to look at and feels like I'm playing a dying korean cash-grab MMO.
  8. Where did he say that? Only thing he said is that isn't part of big guilds, and that the rework isn't good for that playstyle.
  9. Really disappointed, for the same reasons the OP listed. I enjoy seeing my server chat during WvW, seeing the same names, etc - those are people across many different guilds plus many guildless ones, the "just join an alliance" suggestion isn't a solution at all.
  10. Working on a new game that might or might not be successful - and that it's far more likely to not be successful, given the track record for this genre - instead of working on their already hugely successful one would be a terrible business decision.
  11. Jewelcrafting sits in a really odd position compared to other professions, as it's probably been mentioned a thousand times around here already, since you can't craft Ascended Trinkets with it. I haven't followed news and blog posts and such; but a search yielded nothing, so I suspect the answer for my question is "no". Still, worth asking, I guess.
  12. I love this game too. I kept playing it on and off accross the years, and a few months ago I finally started to actually focus on it and realized how much fun it really is. It quickly became my most played game of the last year. Pretty much everything you do in this game is simply fun to do - something that a lot of online multiplayer games seem to miss completely. Regarding the community, I think that in-game it is great. The community in the Forum and Reddit is a lot more hit-or-miss. That's pretty much par the course, same thing with FFXIV, SWTOR, ESO and quite a few others.
  13. Just making sure if I got that right from the wiki tables and such. I remember back some many years ago when I played before, you'd get trinkets with full selectable stats for Laurels, but at the time I think those newer 4-stat ones didn't even exist anyway. Specifically, I was looking for Commander's trinkets - seems like they can only be acquired with Raids or maybe a few other currencies, right?
  14. Only thing I dislike is that way too many armors and weapons have magical glow effects and such. Would love for those visual effects to be a toggle, as I like some of those pieces but dislike the effects.
  15. Old thread but I have the same question and couldn't find any answer to it. Ctrl+LClick calls target with no way to disable it that I can see.
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