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  1. What do you enjoy? You levelled 7 characters to 80, so there's something you enjoy. Considering you were lost with the Living World, I'm thinking it's not the story. The exploration maybe? Just figure out what you enjoy and do that. If there's nothing you still enjoy, then well... don't force yourself to play a game you don't like. You already played a lot of it.
  2. Disclaimer: Yes, I'm aware they can be soloed. No, it's not realistic to expect someone new to the game or that just play casually to solo them while levelling their character, without extensive preparation. Ideally, I'd like ANet to not have abandoned dungeons, rework them and their rewards, and offer incentives for experienced players to re-run story mode with new players - rewards that are appropriate and proportional to the time investment and challenge and such, and scaled up if they watch cutscenes since this is the point of story mode. Unfortunately, that's wish
  3. I find this phrase so misused, since many of those people don't seem to be creating any content themselves at all. They are just consuming content that other people created and commenting about it - that's not content in itself. Unless we are all being "content creators" right now just because we're commenting on a forum; but that' silly.
  4. I don't watch streamers or youtubers or stuff like that and I frankly don't even understand why people do. Clearly a lot of people enjoy watching them, and I'm not gonna try be a buzzkill for them no reason, but I just "don't get it". Not wanting to sound all "kids those days with their new habits, back in my day yadayada", but I do suspect it's simply a generational difference.
  5. I've taken multiple 3+ years breaks from this game. Wouldn't have come back if I have lost a character name because of that. Then again, all my characters have a name and sunname and are not based on famous character names or stuff like that.
  6. The wiki manually lists a "total length" for most skill chains in the game, for example: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Chop Notably, this duration is always considerably larger than just adding together the individual duration of each attack in the chain. I thought this could have something to with the Aftercast Delay of each skill, but the wiki also mentions that attack chains ignore aftercast delay: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Aftercast_delay What causes the chain duration to be larger than the individual parts? I imagine those numb
  7. Since no one answered this part of your question: It makes no difference, since they are both multiplicative. The order they are applied doesn't doesn't change the final result.
  8. Yeah, unvoiced content allows for a lot more dialogue. I like the way FFXIV does it - voiced content for much of the obligatory dialogue of the main storyline, but also a lot of unvoiced optional dialogue both in the main quest and in side content.
  9. Thanks, all! In the end I watched a recap and decided to make a new character as well. Turns out I remember almost nothing of the gameplay either (and, well, a lot of systems changed over time), and a fresh start feels right to get my bearings for now.
  10. I've played GW2 on and off for years since its release and I've been wanting to get back into it and complete the current available storyline before the next expansion. Currently, my character is somewhere in the middle of HoT. I remember... basically nothing. Like, I remember the main plot points of the overall story (I think), some of the main characters, and that's it. I remember literally nothing that is specific to Hearts of Thorn, except something about an egg that I think Taimi was holding? Or something. Well, long story short, I'm currently downloadi
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