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  1. Like I said, Necro always has been Warrior but with instant cast + boon convert + z-axis teleport and good condi clears. It also has a brain damage AI spec that people are apparently still complaining about today. It was always a braindamage class since the beginning of the game. Warrior had builds back in the day that could chain CC 100-0 people, and sure Warrior had more burst at one point. The main difference? Necro was tankier if people knew how to kite/bait out stances, Necro has had points in time where it NEVER cared about your stability because they could simply brute force
  2. You forgot to point out how we don't have instant cast teleports and instant cast DAMAGE. "But we have to keep Warrior in check even then." - Low IQ bad player/newbie
  3. It doesn't matter if you "dont see DH in MATS" Guardian (specifically dragon hunter in this thread) has always been a zero skill class. Your traps eat through evades, your F1 if you land it the first time eats through evades AND IT'S FAST + GUARDIAN BAITS DODGES SO EASY, you have decent aegis/block spam vs burst, you have okay cleanse. What more do you want, this spec takes no skill no matter how you build it. People were saying Turret Engi wasn't good until a bunch of people back in the day played it in a tournament. To make dragonhunter work in MAT you have to ma
  4. Technically some ranger pets do have tells (Except for the taunt trait on pet skill, if that's still even a thing) BUT the class is still braindead because what do you dodge the ranger or the pet? You dodge maul, the pet will get a free knockdown, you dodge pet you get a free maul. The class has BEEN WHEELCHAIR MODE since launch, every ranger who tried a different class got destroyed and came crying back to ranger because they couldn't handle not having a pet help bait dodges automatically for them.
  5. Drunken master warrior next expansion, we get a staff after EOD. Also, revert the signet of might nerf please, this one was completely uncalled for.
  6. I meant for the people having a hard time vs warrior still lol
  7. Yeah lmao it doesn't occur to them to just tank it, some specs can probably outdamage it while you're casting too I guess timing instant cast blocks/blinds/random weakness is hard in 2021 still.
  8. Literally we can make the "get adrenaline when hit" baseline and it would still be fair tbh. That would help Hammer/Mace a bit even though it would still be bad. And it's at a point of diminishing returns for GS, GS isn't even adrenaline hungry. Also who gets hit by eviscerate in 2021. If we can't KEEP adrenaline OUT OF COMBAT can we at least build adrenaline fast enough? That compensation should've happened tbh when that stupid nerf came through, that hurted so many builds like hammer. Like I didn't ask for instant cast or z-axis teleports, or high invuln time, like zzzzz
  9. Be careful, dodging telegraphed abilities is hard in 2021, we better keep Warrior in check.
  10. Bind stow weapon and FEINT a lot, trick people into thinking you're going to do a big attack. Key is to bait dodges/defensive cds with little resource as possible, but this is too hard nowadays. For skills like Eviscerate you want to swap weapons if you think you're going to miss or you're going to bait. And count all possible dodges/all possible stun breaks a build can have. That's the best I can give you. I'd say learn all possible warrior combinations as well (When to use signet of might vs. block spammers for example, when to use bulls charge, when to use defiant stance over si
  11. The chances of win trading in 2v2 is lower, there is a higher chance that it is simply a tryhard duo que you're facing/is on top of the leaderboard. Better face a tryhard duo que in deathmatch than have bad players, bots, win traders ruin your games in a fail 5v5 mode.
  12. It wouldn't even be enough, some of our CC skills will still get trolled by random aegis/blinds/weakness/evade spam/z-axis teleports They would have to revert the damage nerf too by 50% of the other weapon skills that simply do damage because our damage is already telegraphed as it is. CC would have to get 100% of it's damage back because those are 1-hit skills generally that will get trolled by random aegis/blinds. Really doesn't help that signet of might (unblockable signet) got nerfed to stacks again, really stupid changes that don't make sense.
  13. 1.) Probably already happening though it depends on your banks/payment methods. For example, If they send the money through paypal as "friends or family" most likely paypal will not refund you. But that's besides the point, this part is out of ANET's control, this would literally depend on the buyer's bank account and paypal, ANET will not have a matching transaction for this either because it is a black market trade. 2.) Who is going to manage this? Again, I'm pretty sure the buyer's own bank/paypal/skrill are the only ones who can do something about "charging back banned accounts
  14. I mean the population of the game is low so it is to be expected I would say just fight them and see what they do better and play it out. If the game wasn't so underpopulated due to ANET's past mistakes and bad reputation, I don't think you would be in this position though.
  15. I personally just.. want something small. Revert Warrior damage nerf by like 50% if we can't be healers with the shoutbreaker nerf, can we at least have TELEGRAPHED IMPACTFUL DAMAGE. Serious unblockable arms power specs was the only thing Core had going for it, it was worth playing when it had high damage.
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