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  1. Try Deadeye. It plays exactly as you'd expect: high burst damage. Only you have lots of escapes, easy to sustain yourself, and more fun than just pressing 1 skill over and over. With all the interrupts, it feels like playing Sniper in DotA...
  2. Remember the old Steam "$1 =/= €1" group? Corporations don't care. Don't buy their game and show them how you feel, or give in and let them continue to plough your mudtrack. We all know option 2 is wbat everyone goes for...
  3. The way people keep bringing up dx11 compatibility as a potential fix is...jarring. That's not how directx works. It's like thinking an update to change from CoherentUI to Chromium will let you browse the internet ingame. The game engine and the DirectX API are totally separate. It's not a compatibility issue, where DX9 or whatever GW uses just doesnt support particle effect LODs...it's simply that the programmers for the game have not implemented anything to address this. As for claims that the engine doesn't support it: that doesn't seem reasonable at all. Only my o
  4. What exactly was aorevolutionary about PoF? The mounts were well done, but mounts are something players and devs alike spent years raving about how gw2 isn't like other MMOs and doesn't need mounts etc. etc. So PoF was a whole different level because it introduced something that wasn't wanted at the time...? Hmm...
  5. Particle diarrhoea is by now the main selling point of GW2. Of the many "revolutionary" features they claimed to have pre-release, most fell flat on their faces. Of the actually interesting ones that stood out from the crowd, they've almost all been neglected and adopted by other games. What GW2 still has is over the top stupid particle effects on clothing. Much of the playerbase has spent real money, as well as vast amounts of time in order to obtain this stuff. Removing it would kill off the phunny memer crowd who shout FASHION WARS at every opportunity...and thus a large source
  6. ...why would you subject yourself to that level of monotony for such a pointless reward? It's like the guy in the other thread complaining about having to take his 11 accounts through Lake Doric. That's not how you play games.
  7. I think the XP thing is just oversight. SW has been a gold farm since time immemorial -- just as botters have been a problem. I don't think i've ever seen anyone who isn't a bot in any major MMO just sitting there in one spot to grind XP. Most MMOs are grinded out through dungeons, and if not, through questing...not individual mob kills.
  8. It's a shame the HoT one is kinda dull and meaningless, cos it's well set up and great just having people show up there and meandering their way to the objectives with you. I wish they'd do more of them as well.
  9. You can definitely farm materials, but outside of LW maps with dedicated farm trains, you'd have to multibox/bot to get any reasonable returns on your time.
  10. ^ You're better off in the long run Googling the location and the thing you want to get to. For example, "Transcendent Bay PoI" will give me the wiki page for the Discarded Vessels point of interest in that labelled part of the map. I wasted a few minutes trying to find one of those DRM mastery points, and then Googled its area to find a wiki page that said what they were. Dumb implementation, but at this point i'm used to Googling every aspect of the game. I can't imagine playing without having to alt-tab and figure out some other opaque bit of information, and i can't imagine the
  11. Don't pin too much on the Warclaw. It's useful for not having to think while travelling, but the speed isn't exceptional.
  12. LSD.4673

    Binding of Ipos

    That's a good idea. I'd like to start by blaming the Carolingians and, by extension, medieval ecclesiastical Latin for butchering both Latin and Greek at the same time.
  13. Lots of them are solo-able, some of them are quite easy to solo, and others are possible to solo with the right build/masteries (Adrenal Mushrooms = easy, speed mushrooms = nice buff). There's a Dulfy guide for each map that gives you an idea of which ones you can do yourself. For the ones you can't, shout out in chat and someone should join you. You should definitely get used to exploring HoT though: most trains use WPs (and mounts, too), so it's in your interest to have an idea of where things are and how to get to them. Plus HoT has the absolute best designed maps in the game.
  14. I thought visual clutter was a core gameplay mechanic...?
  15. I only got PoF a few months ago. The pre-nerf Warclaw was terrible for keeping up with, but post nerf, any mobility setup can easily keep up. If it's that hard then stop going with the zerg: as a new player it's not like you contribute anything, so you're just there to leech. Which means you're here complaining you can't leech enough. For shame. Go take camps, defend, repair. Stop trying to Mad King Lab WvW.
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