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  1. Because jackal is a pve mount, hence more people will buy it instead of a warclaw skin, which would appeal to fewer.
  2. Just make explosive entrance do less dmg, lower grenade damage pvp style. Oh, look, a viable build that is less imba! Btw, if you think condies will even remotely have enough time to kill a nade scrapper...
  3. We should TOTALLY have a wvw way to get legendary sigils and runes in wvw. I sit on 300ish GoB, 220k+ badges and 75k skirmish tickets. CAN I HAZ LEGE SIGILS AND RUNES, ANET
  4. Must watch. Doesn't matter if youre new or a vet. Thanks, TC! NOW DO MOAR
  5. This again, huh. You should have been able to get 2 GoB by now, since this post came up.
  6. Poor BB cant night ktrain this time due to AG being overstacked? Is this it?
  7. Ooooor (and hear me out, here) git gud Also, remove all other skills except autoattack. Balance achieved.
  8. You always have the best stats, with one set. With leggy armory, you dont ever have to worry again. How bad would it be for this game to have vertical progression? People complain raids are hard as it is. Imagine vertical progression in gw2! If endless grind is your thing to get better and better stats, you may be playing the wrong game...
  9. Endgame is PvP, wvw, raids, fractal god title, to name a few. All of the above have exclusive skins (yes, SKINS) you cant get otherwise. Dont know WHY you assume so much about horizontal progression, but thats where gw2 shines. Everything else is fashion wars.
  10. Gw2 is heavily pve oriented. If enough people complain, devs will change rank requirement, like they did with mistforged skins (500 ranks from 2000, talkin about serious dumbing down). Fair or not, doesnt matter.
  11. Join your community guild. Ask when ppt comms are up. Use boosters. Masteries wont be an issue
  12. In a nutshell: TC didn't know how to maximize wxp gain from all possible boosters, didnt know that eotm rankfarm hasnt been a thing in 5 years, didn't know that rank 340 is reeeeeally low for a game thats several years old, didnt know that anet boosted base pips quite recently . (Semi-afking probably doesnt boost ranks much, btw. Unless anet should reward wxp by the minute). Yet he/she wants more base pips, even after anet keeps raising the base pip number. Weirdly reminds me of people who want easy leggies, now that leggy armory is a thing. Nah, i cant be THAT wrong, can I?
  13. Nuh-uh. Minstrel wins fights. I minstrel my way through everything. *Insane bard solo playing*
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