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  1. We all know that scourge is the master of roaming, with its huge mobility, gapclosers, you name it. Apart from barrier, scourge is a sitting duck. Literally. If you have issues against scourge as a ranged soulbeast...
  2. Buy rose quartz from tp. Salvage it into powdered quartz. Problem solved.
  3. Gz on @hobotnicax.7918 . To me, you won clearly, well within the rules. Toxicity and whatnot are irrelevant GG!
  4. Scourge "considerable damage". Huh. No. Strips have been nerfed over and over. Nerf em even more. Huh. The boonball spews Boons at a much faster rate than scourge can strip. I outstrip scourges regularly on reaper. Should reaper also get nerfs. I am honestly surprised PoP stayed in its broken state for so long, making all other potential condicleansers useless.
  5. Completely and utterly irrelevant to what we witnessed here. There is a strategic thing called "pay attention to your surroundings and abuse it to your advantage". Watch any prominent wvw dueler like Hollts, Vallun etc.
  6. Btw, i fought this hobotnicax fella 1v1 near golanta camp, 90%of the time he was running. Proceeded to do the "one shot" root in place combo, failed, run, wait for cds, repeat. I dont even run pure defensive stats lel. Angry whispers "you are 3" (even tho i was... Solo), etc. Classy. Btw, Trevor, i see a LOT of ppl run the build you posted.
  7. Op may be referring to the "secret super ultra powerful" scourge build, a build only a handful few know and play. OR this could be a l2p issue.
  8. Will they also charge you a fee with all the months/years you used the "extra" legendary armors? It's already as easy as it can get, to make/buy gen1 legendary weapons...
  9. I feel ya on the multibox accounts. But lets be honest, here, have you not ever seen non multibox players afk/bot/get loot without contributing to the action?
  10. Poor deso. Spawncamping others for months (siege, zerg etc) and now they get a taste of their own medicine. Daddy wsr isn't there to hold your hand, sad
  11. There. Are. Other. Builds. Wvw included. Without. The. Rune.
  12. Broken rune effect. You can watch plenty of DH vids and builds from players such as Valuun etc, they dont use that carry rune. L2p issue...
  13. No amount of speculation will help. We can only wait for arenanet to release more info the closer we get to the announced date for legendary armory.
  14. You can do the jp without having to jump once, if you have skyscale. Just fly as high as possible, just outside the "no mount" zone, use the extra stamina ability to fly higher, use Aurene jump, voila.
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