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  1. Hello Denizens of the Mists! Today we want to talk about more changes to the reward system in WvW. This is a big subject that you have raised with us many times. We've thought of several ways to improve the rewards for your time spent in WvW. This isn't all we have planned, but it's a big part of it. Enough of the preamble. Let's talk about the system of scaling rewards for objectives What are scaling rewards for goal In short, these are additional rewards for your participation in objective events in WvW, i.e. for attacking and defending towers, keeps and castles. The stronger these targets are fortified and defended, the better the reward at the end. There are four instances where we have provided additional rewards Successful attacks: Control of the target change Successful Defenses: Events where the attackers were repelled for three minutes Failed Defenses: The target is lost if the attackers successfully take control We also want to reward failed attacks in this way. But this is not working at the moment. We are working on it for a future update The system is linked to already existing events and uses all participation rules of this system. The objective scaling rewards system is designed to reward players whether they win or lose in the activity. It's all about active participation. Sounds good doesn't it What exactly will be differen First off, this system doesn't affect camps, dolyak events, and other aspects of WvW. It's all about conquering or defending target objects, such as towers, fortresses and castles Also, the requirements for acquiring different tiers of rewards are changing: gaining silver and gold rewards now requires more active participation, such as defeating guards and opposing players and/or standing in a circle and completing the capture process. There are two reasons for this: first, there was a need to make sense of the differences in scaling rewards for objectives, and second, the fundamentals of rewards in some of these events were not consistently addressed. This hasn't been noticed until now because Gold rank rewards were generally easy to obtain. That's why it has never really been identified as a problem until now Also, this system will offer much better rewards for the time spent by active participants. This includes rare gear bags, WvW battle tickets, and even grandmaster token shards Why the change We have several goals for this system. First and foremost, this allows us to increase and improve the rewards for active participation in WvW. By active play, we mean meaningful contributions to team success and battling with opposing players to gain control of map objectives. This player interaction is the essence of WvW, and incentivizing participation is always at the forefront of our decision-making process We also wanted to make battles more attractive. By improving the rewards given out for key events (particularly those on defense) and scaling those rewards based on participation and power-up status, we expect players will be more likely to engage in direct conflict rather than not from now on defended target to move to the nex We realize that this is a huge change. There is also a risk that we have not yet ideally set the limits for different tiers of rewards. As such, we will be closely monitoring and making adjustments as necessary to ensure this system is doing what we expect it to do. Your participation and reactions are very important to this process, so please let us know what you thin When are the scaling rewards for goals comin It starts on February 14, 2023 Conclusion We are really looking forward to the new year and especially to your reactions to the changes and events we have planned Summa The system of scaling rewards for goals will take effect on February 14, 2023. The system is linked to already existing events and uses all participation rules of this system. It's all about conquering or defending hard targets like towers, fortresses and castles. The requirements for earning different tiers of rewards have changed See you on the battlefield Floyd, Cecil and the WvW tea
  2. i crashed while fishing in crystal oasis, on dx9.
  3. I strongly disagree. Maps get metas done all day. Even DE meta gets done daily, at least 2-3 times. There are metatrains that start with Seitung, and end with Echovald or DE. Maybe it is a timezone issue?
  4. What is gandara still a thing? Just remove it from the game or make a T6
  5. There is no such thing as cheats/hacks in wvw. Just git gud
  6. So, i guess, ele needs a nerf. Mhmmm.
  7. Yes, devs cater to raiders, fractal players, and wvwers. I mean *broadly gestures at everything*
  8. Nothing happens. Even if you submit video proof, nothing happens. Ignore and move on.
  9. Oh wow. Another open world leggy armor topic. This topic has been discussed to death and been revived more times than Zhaitan's minions
  10. To be honest, they should change skirmish ticket acquisition in the way that tickets should be evenly distributed across all tiers. Low rank players get low pips, they also get fewer tickets if they clear lower reward chests (wood-bronze-silver etc). This, in my opinion, is grossly unfair. Btw, i am a 10k rank vet, (closer to 15k rank actually if it went above 10k), already have everything legendary or not wvw has to offer and over 60k tickets to spare. Thanks for your time
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