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  1. To those saying "Conditions get reapplied" etc. In this meta, condi builds arent used. Power is the way to go, EXACTLY because of the looong time it takes for condies to be actually efficient (damaging condies). What kills is immob with 35 cover condies (hyperbole, but you get what i mean) and the bomb that follows. Most condies come from boon corruption. It is highly unlikely (in my experience, at least) do die from torment in blobs. Or bleeding. Burn... Ok, does more dmg, but it gets converted so aegis, so... Second is the absurd amount of CC that pins you in place.
  2. It is fun to see an enemy minstrel fb trying to kill vet npcs for daily camp. Makes the 5 mins of watching hilarious
  3. I think TC means that the autoattack has big dmg and a very fast attack rate (as it comes with quickness).
  4. Ooooh. That explains lot. Thanks
  5. The new trend is condi vindicator, either full cele or full trailblazer. Nigh unkillable. Or at least i couldnt kill it, anyway At least vindicator can YEET itself off the ground
  6. You can always submit a ticket, explaining politely why you need this done. It may work, it may not work. Personally i think that if you make a clear argument while being polite, your chances of success are good. Edit: you probably wont get skirmish tickets back. Materials, maybe. Here's to hoping!
  7. I think trailblazer needs a buff, too.
  8. At this point, just give Eotm pips and skirmish tickets. Normal wvw is a permaktrain running in circles most hours of the day, anyway.
  10. People somehow confuse skill, proper rotation and class knowledge with legendary equipment. Legendary armor wont turn you from a bearbow mentality player to raid dps/whatever player.
  11. Because people dont want ideas on how this would be implemented. They just want the shinies asap, OR ELSE I AM NOT BUYING STUFF FROM THE GEMSTORE. Not much room for any kind of argument.
  12. Oh, another thread spreading over 22 pages offering nothing (like the previous similar threads before it). This should be locked as it offers nothing besides personal attacks at this point. Legendary armor should remain as it is now. But anet will probably listen to the very vocal toxic casuals who also demanded other things and got em (2k wvw prestige rank armor dumbed down to... 500 ranks).
  13. Why just skirmish tickets? Add LI, add ascended pvp shards while youre at it, too! THERE IS NO LIMIT!
  14. They should call it "Soon-Won" in that case. Ha.
  15. Legendary stuff, like 308 hearts! OH MAN SUCH LEGENDARY FEATS! Farm 35k wood and 50k mithril! LEGENDARY NODE GATHERER! Such active gameplay! Parking 10+ alts in malchors leap to farm the perma elder wood nodes every hour! OH BOI! SHIVERS DOWN MY SPINE, LEGENDAREH STUFF! Joking aside, this has been discussed to death. You want something? Either do what it takes to get it, or actually suggest why changing stuff would be beneficial.
  16. I am still on zerk staff tempest (HoT spec) and i assure you, i do much more damage than most. No, i am not god tier or anything. DE failing isnt about the spec. It is player skill and being ill equipped. Plus, if you tell someone to get rid of their soldier gear in favor of viper, that someone is bound to die a LOT more often. Thus making effectively 0 dps
  17. This again, huh. Obligatory bimonthly "Gimme pve GoB anet ples"
  18. This is as bad design as it gets. Honestly. How is it even remotely interesting or even beneficial to the game to force people to do this story 9 (YES, NINE) times? I can understand trying to catch a particular fish, finishing a particular meta or a map. But. Story. 9. Times. Is . Just. Too. Much. I sincerely hope this gets changed.
  19. This is an exaggeration, to me. I have never ever seen someone kicked out of a squad, on any map i was, even prenerf.
  20. Been in at least 2 unsuccessful metas daily (till yesterday, it was my first success!). Not ONCE did people spew toxic nonsense. Some bitterness, yes, some trolling too. But toxicity? No. Unless i have been lucky with the groups i joined...
  21. Because jackal is a pve mount, hence more people will buy it instead of a warclaw skin, which would appeal to fewer.
  22. Just make explosive entrance do less dmg, lower grenade damage pvp style. Oh, look, a viable build that is less imba! Btw, if you think condies will even remotely have enough time to kill a nade scrapper...
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