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  1. Engineer is so fun like WOW!! Ditching Ranger 100%
  2. I would like to get some of the dungeon weapon skins, specifically the AC ones that glow at night. But I never see any groups for the explorable paths in LFG and when I tried to make one, only one other person joined. I'm not sure how I should be going about getting some of those skins, the explorable paths aren't exactly easy to solo. If it's dead content and Anet doesn't want to focus on it anymore why can't they just scale it down so it can be solo'd and then be done with it?
  3. But I see that there's a bonus event for it. I've just finished HoT and starting LSW3. How much am I spoiling myself/ruining the narrative for myself by jumping to Icebrood to get the additional rewards?
  4. As someone coming to this game after a few years away, and after playing New World, I cannot agree more with the OP. It's an incredibly high fantasy game. Central Tyria is absolutely amazing. Shiverpeaks, Ascalon, Kryta, the Tarnished Coast, the zones feel real. Kessex Hills and Queensdale feel and look significantly different despite being in Kryta, and that is something New World missed. The argument was made that it's "an island covered with forest, of course everything will look the same!" But look at this game, this game shows you can create different looking zones despite them shari
  5. How come there are no medium armor for males that show skin or are revealing?
  6. Can this be fixed please?? I actually just don't even want to play the game anymore. And the support ticket is asking for a lot of unneeded information.
  7. This is happening to me as well! I'm trying to buy gems so I can get something before it goes off sale!! I do not want to wait FOUR DAYS for a fix to a billing issue that shouldn't exist in the first place! If Digital Rivers cannot sell Gems properly find another ingame reseller! Hello?!
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