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  1. Nah, the restructuring and multiple fails of content creation inside Anet lead to raids being abandoned as their development costs money which they don't/didn't have. Look at PvP, look at WvW. Both niche content like raids and those modes suffered heavily till today. In addition to KP and LIs. I don't see a difference to fractal cms as you don't see any other groups there than those who are asking for KP there as well. The average GW2 Joe is too bad for challenging content, this even counts for regular T4s where a friend of mine and me are carrying other players heavily through the dailie
  2. Yes, I did when raids where new and the population much higher than nowadays. That's a remarkable difference! Player numbers have drastically changed for challenging content in comparison to years ago. Most of the people are not able (in terms of having the mechanical ability and the willing) to raid.
  3. If you really want all players to be active while clearing make sure you wait for all to get into the raid instance and ready check. If you start earlier or without ready check it's your mistake because you haven't made it clear that you wanted to start! Some people are doing other stuff on 2nd monitor and wait for the rc or are not immediately joining the instance due to a wooden pc etc. So, stop being impatient, do it correctly and wait for all to be there & ready or accept that you are giving the reward for free. We personally had no problem with people joining later wh
  4. Nah, the sad part is that you cannot enjoy strikes without having to attach to rotations. I'm all in for CMs where you have to perform at a decent or good level to get the job done but man, all of the instanced content should at least have on difficulty for every player who is out there. It's ok when a completely new group wipes in Ascalon or even in strikes when they have no clue at all but at least a fully geared level 80 player should be able to conquer NORMAL instanced content. Heck, you can join any shiverpeak strike squad and you keep reading at least 2-3 people mentioning their role
  5. Correct but it showed that even normal mode is too hard for the usual gw2 player. That's also a big reason why raids are not in an active development any more. I loved raiding when they were relatively new and found a lot of people I still had contact to after quitting. Raids have a certain atmosphere, same for dungeons which still are one of the best content in GW2 in my opinion and fractals to a certain extinct although they are very generic and behind the teleportation technique of the lobby. Strikes are like platforms with a boss and no solid background history or lore. Of course they be
  6. I don't think that people farming mats the usual way are "victims". That's nonsense over 9k. We play a video game here. People like me are not defending afk farming - which obviously is still different from illegal botting - but I've yet to see a valid argument that those are one of the really important issues here. I won't mind appropriate solutions against afk farming, be it very hard diminishing returns, server kick, time bans unless those do not harm the usual player base which is afk waiting for a world boss to spawn. The key point for me here is that afk farming already was a t
  7. 1. There is no contradiction for me. They check IF people are completely afk using scripts or bots because you find those in EVERY fricking online game. So, they DO something against it. I would be disappointed if they don't. And the other thing is no point because if you do such things more often you won't get a 2 week ban only. Bots also get their account permabanned. 2. You may be surprised to know that most of the barons are tp barons and thus the richest players in GW2 with the use of external web pages for their business. Even though you find the claimed method unfair o
  8. That's not correct. Anet has set up rules properly and often commented on afk-farmers. In the past they were surveilling reports and send GMs to check if ppl are afk. It was explained in these forums - several times. You are making this "problem" as if it would be a major issue in this game. This is not the fact. In addition you have no proof that Anet doesn't have the time for this at the moment due to the expac. That's your personal construction but no valid statement.
  9. Cy, I always appreciated your posts in this forum - for years. But we both now that this calculation is highly theoretically. And we both now that people trying to be rich in this game are using way more effective things than this which obligates you to run your pc 24/7 and definitely not in idle mode when using several accounts = high personal costs. It would be far better to work at MCD and buy gems to convert them to gold.
  10. 6g/hr - LOL So, you still care. I ask: Why? Don't you have better things to do in the game, with your life? Anet doesn't see a problem here, me neither because the player count doing this is quite low not so say a tiny tiny exception. And the ones that are using multiple accounts are an exception of an exception OK: Let's be serious. The gold amount is so little you gain a lot more gold by playing the game. Those "afk farmers" were and still are no issue in this game - for nobody!
  11. Strikes are the discounters of GW2 like Aldi & Lidl are for supermarkets. Cheap, you can get a little bit of what you need but you won't find the best products here. Sadly this is Anet's way of dealing with "good" content. Oh man I would lead groups into raids if we could get two different difficulties like in other games with raids but that will never happen.
  12. Advertise your own group: "Chill Daily T4s, Heal already here - Let's go!" Problem solved and you can run heal tempest for years.
  13. Stop playing the block warden or pretending to be the police. Play the game and have fun otherwise your desire to login will decrease massively over time. In addition I highly doubt the dimension of income you are describing in your post.
  14. Most of us are giving suggestions and arguing against blocks. But you be you I suppose. Haven't read any post at all against blocking. Suggestions - for sure but not arguing against blocks. Either way it's a personal decision. I can also accept that you block people if they are leaving during a fractal while having lied but I think it's totally fine to leave in between while the groups is (back) in the lobby before starting the next one. For T4s you don't need a specific role/class to be fast and good on spot. Sadly, a lot of players think that they need those roles and rather accept wasting
  15. That solution doesn't always work. Because besides the lying lfgs there are also their "victims" that enter your pug and leave without saying anything after doing 1 fractal. Today is the day when it will happen a lot: nightmare is daily. Then do that fractal last. Or advertise what fractals you are doing, and exclude that one.Nah, it's far better to start with 99 and put it in the description like: "T4 dailies - no cm - 99 - xx - xx". You can also add "in this order" or anything similar. Overall it's kinda funny how thin-skinned all you guys in this thread are or have become. Back in the day
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