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  1. Full Disclosure: this review is very preliminary; I'll remove this notice once I've had more time to test. Overall If I had to summarize Bladestorm err ... Bladesworn, in a phrase, it would be "out of character." The weapon skills, the utilities, even the gunblade feel like they're on the wrong profession. The mechanical changes to adrenaline umm ... flow have made it surprisingly hard to maintain adrenaline flow for long enough that even using your Dragon Trigger skills is meaningful. That and without a more telegraphed "roll-over" to the Dragon Trigger skills, I honestly
  2. "Installing" DXVK Get the latest download from: https://github.com/doitsujin/dxvk/releases -- this will be a GZipped Tar file (7zip and similar will help you here). Extract the archives; you will get a directory called "dxvk-xx.yy.zz" where xx.yy.zz matches the release version you downloaded. Open this folder, and navigate to the "x64" directory directly beneath it; your relative file path should now be dxvk-xx.yy.zz/x64/, again, where xx.yy.zz matches your release version (ex: "dxvk-1.9.1/x64"). Copy "dxgi.dll" and "d3d9.dll" from the aforementioned folder into the G
  3. Would you like to see Koda's Flame as an unlockable Staff skin? While only available as a bundle, the detail and aesthetic of the temporary weapon are quite good and would certainly be at home in the hands of no few casters (and the occasional stick-twirler). As such, this is a request to include the bundle -- in both it's kindled and unlit states, for greater player customization -- as unlockable weapon skins for staves, as this is the default stance used for the bundle. Obtaining the skins could then be as simple as trading Fresh Winterberries and some Unbound Magic to one of t
  4. Been spending evenings contemplating what new EoD elite Thief will get (since it sure doesn't seem like Kneeling Greatsword Guy, despite some aspects of the teaser, and yesterday was dedicated to the Four Winds). Thought I'd reflect a bit on things while I go. Daredevil Honestly I still love this elite, despite all of its flaws. It was like nothing we had before when it first arrived, and Staff didn't complete with Sword or Dagger, it was an entirely different approach to melee -- more mobile and with more potential targets than either weapon. That's good, and gives us more
  5. Real shower-thought hours, here, but hear me out: Cantha is ANet's opportunity to finally prove once and for all that thief is (or isn't) completely OP by giving every single other profession an (underwhelming) Thief-oriented elite specialization that: Takes away or severely curtails core mechanics you know and love. Dramatically reduces survivability, but that's okay, you're mobile now. Just plain relies on being raw DPS to do anything, so rev up those Quickness boons or die trying. Everything's a leap or shadowstep, now. Everything. Finally we can
  6. As a PvE player having recently unlocked Warclaw in WvW on a whim, yes, this is 1000% my own experience as playing my thief character the whole while, while foolishly thinking my ability to drop into stealth would help me actually evade the very enemy combatants who could down me from 1500+ range or throw up a Shroud or 10k heal before I could so much as build enough might to chip off 25% of their health (or in the former case, so much as engage). During that entire experience, I managed to stealth past 1 entire player, who I strongly believe was legitimately more surprised by seeing a lone t
  7. Agreed, as it definitely feels like the new elite specializations borrow heavily from existing professions (and their own elites). However, I feel like Harbinger borrowed more heavily from Thief, particularly the Daredevil spec (which they borrow several animations from), despite the elixers. In fact, I'd go so far as to say that Willbender is actually a Guardian/Elementalist hybrid from the way their new virtues work almost like attunements, or perhaps Guardian/Warrior (via Spellbreaker). Virtuoso is the only one I can't quite place, since while the nearest approximat
  8. Really hard to see what's even going on in that video (you MIGHT want to censor it, since I'm pretty sure it's a violation of the forum's code of conduct), but if you ask me? Without being able to see what weapon they're using (though the immobilize effect makes me think they used Shortbow's Infiltrator's Arrow or the Shadowstep skill), I suspect the thief in question dropped into the space with a return-type skill which would have stayed active for the brief duration of your encounter (Infiltrator's Return and Shadow Return both are 1200 range, which is possible here and with the
  9. Simple: the "leaks" caused a lot of backlash on the forums by people disgruntled or outright angered by the "reveal" of something that even the thread itself had said was largely unsubstantiated. Better to remove things that are causing a problem and let it quietly disappear (as things tend to do on the internet), than allow stuff to continue to fester when people new to the discussion happen upon "evidence" of things. As for why they haven't deleted every thread regarding leaks, how would you feel, personally, if a large number of threads talking about possible leaks
  10. I'm just bummed that if it is scepter, it means 4 mainhand and 2 offhand weapons (8 combinations total), when focus would have given us 3x3 (for a convenient 9 and more dual-wield skills, as was once our other hallmark). Hopefully it isn't the condi-spec that previous changes have hinted at, though I have no idea how a scepter and (likely) shadow magic would promote better boon-sharing for a support-spec, without heavily relying on its utilities and steal -- mostly since bleed and poison are the two lowest-performing conditions only nominally better than confusion. Reas
  11. Hey all, here's some early feedback on Virtuoso after a few hours romping about in the Silverwastes (I'm primarily a PvE player, so all commentary is from that perspective). Overall Feel On a whole, Virtuoso is a fun reprise (hah) of Mesmer, offering a distinctly different and highly dynamic approach to combat that favors mid and close-quarters equally, while not being hampered at further range. Moreover, it complements movement, positioning, and clever strafing of your targets, allowing for greater control of its skills. In a word, it's fun, and dagger plays a key role in t
  12. As a thief main since before launch, thank you. Thank you so much. I hope Engie gets some much-needed love, too. You guys have had to deal with so much as well, nevermind a constantly shifting identity in the name of "purity of purpose."
  13. It's (almost) always been here. It's called Custom PvP Arenas.
  14. Adding to this to say: bring back GW1's mechanics. It was honestly the better game, in that regard.
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