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  1. Its feels bad in PvP for the following reasons: 1. The amulet system restricts choice drastically. 2. Resistance sucks now. 3. Cool-downs are way too high for how fast and constant the action is. 4. Damage removal from CC increased Time to Kill drastically, benefiting classes like Guardian, and bunker builds, and hurting Warrior. 5. Other classes have more things built into weapon skills like teleports and team buffs, Warrior has none of that. The simplicity hurts it. 6. The damage nerfs.
  2. I learned that I suck and as a result I am stuck in ELO hell.
  3. It's been rough as I have been playing a lot more PvP for the shards needed in crafting the legendary trinkets. I plan on staying in Gold and running SB as I know in Plat it will run out of steam. Reminds me of why I dislike the amulet system every time I play it. Not seeing many Warriors even at lower levels.
  4. I created a "NA" themed tag on my EU account. I had more siege dropped on me in one week than a year on NA. 🤣
  5. I am going to have friend screenshot my character in game as well, I want to see what they see too. I bet it looks like the Bastion screenshot.
  6. Here is a screenshot of my Dragon Hunter in Legendary Armor in WvW showing the huge difference between the dyes in the hero dye screen, and in the actual world of WvW. Its not even close by comparison, its like completely different dyes are being displayed. The weird thing is that in Armistice Bastion the dyes do work properly (image also included in the link). It is most noticable on my DH, but I also am seeing this happen on my Warrior, and Thief. dye images! Normally this stuff does not bother me, but due to the cost of the dyes and some of these cosmetics its a prob
  7. Yeah, Dagger is more than good enough on mobility. The only thing I miss is the big damage, and quickness from the Dagger 3/4 combo.
  8. They need to add a remove 1 condition after interrupt sigil along the lines of severance and draining. With brawlers recovery, cleansing sigil and my suggestion it might make it better for the less mobility builds to survive the condi spam. All of the kiting potential of meta SB really help with that as well.
  9. I have used Dual Axe extensively on Warrior for years, and the one thing that hurts the weapon set is mobility. Its one of the reasons I have gravitated towards a full stun-break build on Core and Spellbreaker when running Axe/Axe-Rfile. The lack of mobility means you will take a beating, and the stun break stacking along with Rousing Resilience I find necessary to not get smoked too quickly. The lack of GS/D-SH mobility is VERY noticeable. The damage on Core is definitely there but it can get kited very easily, hence the need to have some movement in the weapon set to land damage
  10. Oh well, there's always multi-classing.
  11. Axe 4 Dual strike is also frustrating sometimes.
  12. As another example: With the old damage I was using the Dual Dagger 3 and 4 combo on Spellbreaker to take out Thieves. I would stack the Severance Sigil with Destruction of the Empowered, and For Great Justice. That was when Sun and Moon Style also granted quickness on interrupt for a faster dagger 4 hit. It felt so good to punish Thieves quickly almost completely negating all of their teleports, blinds, and stealth. They simply did not have the time to dictate the fight, because I ended it. That meant I was able to not worry about landing F1's and be forced to play aro
  13. Yes, the burst mechanic feels outdated now on Warrior, it feels like punishment. The lower damage had a huge magnification effect on this. Before I could kill fast enough for it to not be a problem. On dual axe I could Axe 2 into Axe 4 then finally into a Axe 5, and down players. Its actually not easy to even land that combo with so many teleports, blinds, and target dropping. Now its not enough damage, and I have to land F1's which if they don't land, I will die. Not getting the damage, and the sustain is always a disaster. I literally have to play perfectl
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