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  1. Found the answer already. So delete this post. 😊
  2. I just think they deliberately put keys in there to get people addicted to gambling. who doesn't like that? open packages and wonder what you get. I think the price of the bundle is on the items without the keys, (so it seems like a nice deal. but actually the amount is the same if there are no keys in it. but the keys are in it for a reason, and they also have a value and that makes it look cheap but they add those keys in. in other words the bundle price is the same and the keys are the discount) they introduce you to loot boxes. I hope you see something nice and go for it. without keys in t
  3. i mean players like you, they don't care if its someone else problem as long as they don't have problems theyself they don't care. selfish and can't imagine. you don't understand the situation, compare those respawn timers with spawn times of a low lvl zone, there you have to wait much longer before mobs respawn. in bitterfrost they respawn every time another player reach the berry's. it is just annoying. and you just prejudice me for that i don't want to do effort. i do but this spawns are just to make ppl angry. some zones you get slowed down by mobs and they follow you around half the
  4. yes you are right sorry, but its unbound magic it bothers me that some ppl just accept everything. yes the game is nice but some things are just annoying. those players don't care if they spend 1 hour to gather some berry's which can be gathered within 15 minutes (exsample) if the mobs had 'normal' spawn times. like other zones. they accept everything (i see this kind of ppl in every forum, as long it annoys someone else they are on the side of the devs)
  5. I can kill them but i didn't, i try to gather the berrys and then move on, instead of wasting time for killing and when i gather the herbs i have to attack them again. and sure i have to work a little for it. but it is ridiculous that at every bush i have to first kill mobs (which got killed a few seconds ago by another player) i can not name another zone where mobs spawn that fast as bitterfrost. even at the treasure muchroom in bloodstone fen the mobs don't spawn so quick back. i see this as making players angry, nothing more. normally the mesmer sword skill 2 can kill some mobs with 1 attac
  6. i can't mount while in combat, and 1 veteran and some mobs can kill me.
  7. Hi, i started again to farm winterberrys because i need volatile magic, long time i was not in this map. but to me this map is nothing then pure frustration. the respawn timers of the mobs at the berrys need some fix. (i think more ppl want this) i always see that when some player killed the mobs and looted the berrys and go further and 2 seconds (TWO WHOLE SECONDS) there are no players then when another player get there the mobs spawn again. this is pure frustration. it makes me angry in a few minutes while i am on the map. this takes so much time (for condition dps) that i every
  8. I want the ghost wolf mini from Halloween. But it’s 110 candy corn. That’s 400+ gold. It’s a nice mini. But not worth to farm whole event in lab to buy it. I just skip it again this year. If you want something very bad you can go for it like I wanted nevermore.
  9. It is. Pay (with gold) to win.
  10. Some wvw tournament finishers. But you can be lucky and get it from wardrobe unlocks. Or is it common to unlock? I mean ppl who got most from wardrobe unlocks? I think it’s a super rare chance (at least for me, because I haven’t unlocked so much) rooster mini hero of lions arch aurene outfit (don’t know if it is still special) heroic dragon emblem outfit festive hat like someone already mentioned 😊
  11. Thanks for the clear answer. This makes more sense. They did it very good with the raccoon because it’s an awesome minion. Even if I don’t know the hall of monument rewards, the mini is some small reward in my opinion. If I think about it if they say we no longer make new things for guildwars 2 and we spend our time on guildwars 3, it would hurt me, because so much time spend on guildwars 2 and so many build up. With that feeling ppl from guildwars 1 should have a legendary worth skin (I mean not a simple skin) or some unique infusion.
  12. There is no one who said you have to move to guildwars 2. And you can keep all stuff in guildwars 1. You left everything from guildwars 1 for a mini in guildwars 2. As you said it is still a very good game, you don’t have to play guildwars 2. It’s a choice. I moved from another mmo to guildwars 2. I just choose the way that is best for me. But I already gave up when I still played that game back then. And sad that they canceled an expansion for your game.
  13. I also want the raccoon mini. But i don’t want to spend too much time in an old game what I probably don’t like (it’s hard for me to play a game with out dated graphics) i once bought assassins creed brotherhood in a sale for less money. But never played it because of the graphics.
  14. I liked to fish for turtle and pets in other mmo. I hope eod have also mount skins or minis that can be caught by fishing. If not then I don’t know why I should fish. Or maybe a long quest chain that you have to fish up items (collection) to build a mount skin.
  15. Don’t know if someone already mentioned this but he can buy the pack with 4K gems and then buy living seasons from the gems. And now they are giving away the episodes. (Don’t know if they already gave the last one because I already have them) but maybe a bundle with all living seasons in it for less gems. Maybe give ppl who bought the expansions bundle a token that can be seen by the shop and then ppl are able to buy a special living season bundle for maybe 3k gems?
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