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  1. I still want the title “hero of lions arch” and it feels bad that I quit when the event was active back then. But the game was just to difficult and didn’t understand it. And if the events come back that’s just a nice gift for players who started guildwars 2 later. Or for ppl who made mistakes and missed on it. Everyone should have a chance.
  2. that’s why games can be a nice place. irl I can’t afford a Ferrari. In games you can also obtain nice things to make you happy. I think often like this. The prices are much lower in a game. Someone is happy with a expensive watch. I can be happy with a nice mount. irl it’s not always fair for everyone. So ingame it should be, except when things are very difficult. But in guildwars 2 it is very balanced. Because difficult things can be completed by pro’s who carry not so good players. If I want something ingame that’s expensive it takes just longer before I can buy it. irl many things are just
  3. Last week i created a ticket because i dislike something. the gm told me to place the feedback on the forums so here it is. can you program the game so after every 10 runs of dragonstorm players get a choice for gift of aurene or the sword. this would be very nice. or maybe 20 runs. this way you keep players motivated like me because then i am sure i do it for something instead of wasting effort. this is also with dungeon master box, every 8 runs you get a box with currency. this is a fair way to players. not everything can be behind rng in my opinion.i think it doesn't do any damage to th
  4. Addons Option that warns what a raid boss is going to do. Like dbm from. Wow. Better loot/more unique skins drops from dungeons. That it is even worth farming a dungeons instead of what it is now. like skin runs in other mmorpg. fishing. With unique mount and mini skin drops. official holy trinity. So when I am downed they can see I am a healer. More healer classes. and a way to select role. And not the person with highest toughness would be the tank. option to loot a boss more then once a day. It’s frustrating that when you didn’t get your ascende
  5. 2 gold is not rewarding, i play a support role to make an event a succes, i ress ppl the whole time, i play the objective. and when the loot chest pops up i get the middlefinger. (as i always say, i am a player that play for loot) i mean it doesn't hurt Anet if players loot nice or not aslong it's not sell able at the trading post. it hurts me while i do my very best and others showing the loot they got.
  6. yes it is unfair that there are leechers, but in some way i understand it. i have done total 5 runs, as a support class (healers) and i did not get rewarded. the reward effort is very bad here, i understand if you do this event from release and do not get rewarded you start to leech. (i am not like that) i mean if you do nothing and get nothing it is balanced (and yes this is not fair for all other players which work their ... off) but it is also unfair if you play for 100% and every fight is a time waste. it would be much better if you have more chances a day for the ascended loot each accoun
  7. Bikini armor with 150% vulnerability on you with 0% armor and 10% health. And 2 infusion slots (because 2 cloth pieces) no thank you.
  8. The support from anet gets a 100% Graphics 100% Mastery system 05% takes ages to obtain them. Loot drops 0.1% i play for loot, nice loot is priority and keeps me playing and enthousiast. i hate it that i never get expensive drops. i want perma hairstyle kit very bad. but the amount of time i have to grind for the gold is ridiculous. demotivation. this is the only thing on my wishlist ingame. i hope next expansion has 4000 gems in it like deluxe edition from heart of thorns. (except mount licences rng) so as a loot player i want to be rewarded for playing. killing a bos
  9. Be happy that these skins are 500 gems each. 9 out of 10 times “nice” skins are put in black lion chests. So cost much more for most players.
  10. I just bought the ice reaver chest and legs. And combined with requiem gloves and feet and shoulders there is no need for legendary armor anymore soon. For looks only. I like the glow in it.
  11. 1 i am not a leader type so it wont happen, also leaders have to explain tacs when needed, i can't2 if there is a dutch raiding guild i can join it but only weekends afternoon,3 i need it but my first boost cost me 216 gold, i am not rich.4 it has to come from 2 sides, if i spend money on a game i want something back, oke i have fun. but now i want also the dhuum helm, i am a loot player. thats why i play mmo. as long as i get nice skins i am happy, nice loot make me happy.5 ?6 thnx, but many ppl here are students and can create perfect posts, higher learned ppl. i always do my best and say wh
  12. Hi, i am trying for finding groups to farm gaeting crystals but there are a few problems. (for ppl who are not in a raiding guild) 1st. problem, raiders asks too much kill points. or LI2nd problem, half of the groups are selling groups.3th problem, the loot, i have now lucky finished 5 bosses in wing 5 or higher and 1 sloth kill so 6 in total. I have not get a single time something useful, these rewards make ppl quit raiding. its not motivating at all, i stay because i want the item but if i was a new raider i had search something else which has a better effort/reward ratio. this raids are ju
  13. I think there are many ppl that want to raid, so the raid community can get bigger. BUT the raiding community asks too much, i am trying to get dhuum helm and its a struggle to get it. i got boosted, but now i need gaeting crystals. the loot is very very very very bad, i got another run in a raid which drops gaeting crystals but ofc i didn't get an ascended or a mini so nothing bonus. and at the dhuum boost i also got nothing. this is very bad to me. finding a group is very hard, raiders asks too much kp, there are nearly no wing 5 groups. raiding can be better if there where addons like in
  14. oke delete topic, i got a boost. a guildy told me a clan which helped me, i am happy now, even i didn't get any ascended drop. now i have to grind the other raids and hope for asc drops to salvage.
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