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  1. A collection complaint a day will surely keep that Skyscale away.... from you.
  2. When categorising the PvE GW2 community into tiers based on skills, it probably goes a bit like this (PvP/WvW is a bit harder to categorise probably): 1. Top percentage raiders ( hardest raid wings + CM's) 2. ordinary raiders ( will do the easier raid wings mostly, usually won't do CM's) 3. Fractal players with regular to daily CM clears, possibly EoD CM regular clearers (may also be the tier below depending on viewpoint) 4. Ordinary fractal players 5. Strike mission players 6. dungeon and other instanced content players 7.story enjoyers 8.
  3. Complaining is easier than improving for some people. It keeps their narrative of "I am a friendly little casual that is being bullied in the open world by toxic raiders" intact.
  4. And the sad part is that altering their build and proceeding to get a win at the DE meta would have cost them less time and effort than the time and effort they spent on the forums complaining about it.
  5. Thing is, why would you go back to these maps? Once you have knocked out your achievements there is nothing left to do. Zero longevity. This is something a lot of people have tried to explain to Anet post HoT. Pretty maps won't keep people in forever, story is not something you will repeat often, and achievements are once and done. What makes people coming back are interesting metás and, the biggest motivator of all, rewards. interesting meta + good rewards = it will always see play. This is why the HoT meta's are still done daily. Meanwhile th
  6. Still people complaining about the DE meta, some going as far as claiming it is a failure, it is dead, etc. Meanwhile I have done the meta daily almost every day for weeks now, just joining a lfg squad, no discord, often not even called out roles, and...just get a comfy win. People on these forums are clearly not even close to a representation of any of the people in the open world squads I have participated in daily over the last few weeks. People on the forums are worse. way worse. Glad to see people ingame are actually choosing learning over complaining.
  7. Then move over to WoW if you want a free budget Skyscale. The superior GW2 version will always require you to actually do something to earn it.
  8. Because Anet is a company, and companies like money. New players will bring in more money than existing players. New players can be found on Steam (because many people on Steam tend to dislike having to use a seperate client for one game when everything else is in their Steam library). So, launching on Steam makes sense. New players, more money.
  9. Hello, I am a Guardian. Everything you can do I can do better, I can do everything better than you. Yes I can. Power DPS? Reaper and (LOL) power Harbinger get destroyed by DH and Power Willbender. Condi DPS? Firebrand and Condi Willbender give Condi Reaper, Condi Scourge and Condi Harbinger a slap in the face while coming with endless support and utility baked in (for which they have to give up nothing). Support/Quickness? Support Harbinger while Firebrand still exists...is that even a contest? Alacrity? Necro:...... Guardian: Do I need to do this? rea
  10. A GW2 classic? Hell no. A revamp of the leveling experience so people have freedom but also know what to do and get taught some basic skills? Hell yes.
  11. This is an entirely different crowd as well. How many of the more casually inclined Open World players own a Legendary piece? Probably not many. We have seen complaints that Griffon and Skyscale are considered way to grindy. These are open world collections, and not on the level that a collection for legendary gear would be. No matter the gamemode, Legendary Armor is roughly on the same level when it comes to how you attain it: It asks for a Skillcheck, a Grind, and a Material Gate. If one of these three is lower, the other one (or two) parameters go up in comparison to compensate.
  12. In it's current state I see no way to incorporate Legendary Armor into the open world in a way that getting it is on par with how you get other legendary armors in other gamemodes, while at the same time keeping the people that request it happy. Raid legendary armor: Arguably requires the biggest skillcheck right now for armor. PvP legendary armor: A combination of skillcheck and grinding matches. WvW: close to no real skillcheck, but it is a pretty big grind unless investing a huge amount of time. Open World in GW2: Let's be honest, Open World is the easie
  13. Well...I hate to say it but maybe...it is time to leave these people behind then. You should not expect a game in 2022 to play the same and the exact same amount of challenge as it did in 2012. A game typically gets more challenging with an expansion pack, and we are far from HoT levels still. 99% of EoD is somewhere between PoF and IBS, which is on the very forgiving side of the scale. But this type of player will consider everything too hard. No matter if its a raid, a fractal, a strike, a dungeon, an open world meta or a story instance, if they cannot do it in a single go withou
  14. The amount of mental gymnastics I see people perform in this thread just to justify them not having to improve is both hilarious and frankly, also very sad. And luckily a big contrast with most of the ingame population I have met in the EoD open world, including the DE meta. If you feel like listening to a commander, doing more than 7k DPS on a DPS build, and knowing what CC is are things only needed in instanced raid content and not in the open world, I do not know what to say. Because all those things actually make appearances in almost any modern meta event. S
  15. Story: 6 at best I thought the story was the worst we have had so far. Where both HoT and PoF for me had at least a very strong first half and then felt rushed in the second part, the EoD story never really gripped me at any point (start/middle/end). Most plottwists and character arcs you see coming from a mile away ( "ahh, so that is the cynic, and this one is the kitten that will give us issues later on, and that is the idealistic one"), the first half of the story you wonder when things are finally going to kick off (in a 'where is this going/is this going anywhere' sense, whe
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