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  • I have been gone for a while but im back baby and i had a briljant new idea... So im not continuing with the Guardian but up next is!!! The Engineer!! But i couldnt think of a weapon to give to him so he doesnt get a new weapon no instead he g…
  • Sadly since you can only Edit for 4 hours and not longer, I will continue in this post right here Thief, Samurai (i was thinking of Ninja first but i think that looks to similar to Thief itself already, Guildwars likes to change classes up quit…
  • @shippage.1983 said: next Thief Elite Spec needs a greatsword, then they could fight like a ninja! Yes i was thinking myself of a close combat thief that doesnt use stealt and but i wasnt sure on the weapon i was mixed with a shield or a …
  • @Cragga the Eighty Third.6015 said: A great power for the future Ranger spec would be to interact with the ambient animals in the map. Do a jungle yell and all those annoying spiders come into the fight on your side. Do a calming whistle and that…

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