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  • Hello misters and ladies! My plan is to kill one raidboss at least 3 times! Hopefully I have a nice raider and nice rotations knowledge by next june soo that I can seriously start attempting to do it
  • Thank you all misters and ladies! This is what I do... My ranger was already close to a soulbeast... soo I got sword+axe, removed my longbow and put her with traits and skills ready for raid. Soo now thats a extra option. My "soldier" guard…
  • @rabenpriester.7129 said: @Condutas.3580 said: Are players allowed to shame others... I mean, if you (all hypothetical "you"s) feel shamed by me telling you that you are not good enough at this game for my groups, tha…
  • Are players allowed to shame others... No need to read anything else. No, you are not allowed to shame others in a game like this, not for any reason. What this have to do with fractal, raids or anything else? Its about being and acting like a hu…
  • pay monthly ONLY and only if: 1º : They recruit not one but at least 3 economists to the game. 2º: At least 200 gems montlhy free 3º They improve the story. The price is no higher than 20, 25 Euros month. If only one of thoses fails, …
  • Hello there misters and ladies! First, a small comment: If any moderator feels like this should be moved, by all means, I apologize in advance and have no problem at all with that. I think there have been way to much talk about this but I woul…
  • I have waited some months to actually read and hear the comments about the expansion, didn't rush or bought it yet. The new gambling system of getting new pet skins killed it for me, Not gonna buy the new expansion unless they change it. Besid…
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