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  • Added new forager location in Kryta, thanks to Flavour who gave me the tip by joining our Discord!
  • Thanks for your suggestions! Seemed like a lot of different ore's seem to spawn around Eastwatch Waypoint, so I added that as a location for mining in Heart of Maguuma
  • Ah, I was mistaken about how it rotates then, thanks for clarifying! I will have to take a look at the different locations where they spawn and see if I can add them in near future.
  • @Corax.7692 said: Very handy! Been using it the past few days. FYI, I am mot seeing today's Rich Orichalcum Vein near Faren's Flyer waypoint. I also don't see a way on your page to report discrepancies. Hi, thank you for your feedb…
  • Thank you everyone for your kind feedback! I'm glad you all find the site helpful! I just updated the site, adding the option to see tomorrow's gathering dailies as well If you can't see it Ctrl + f5 to update the site
  • New updates!: * Minidungeons have now been added as well! I still lack the pictures for some of them, but everything else is added! And I'll add the pictures as soon as possible! * I also added new maguuma wastes mining locations. http://…
  • Updates: * Fixed bug where one of the waypoint codes were wrong, * Added guild halls * Added more locations Let me know if you find any bugs, and I'll do my best to fix it. I'm still working on getting through all the suggested locations.
  • @Rienrodrys.2975 said: Many Thanks you did an awesome job if you want you can share this useful information also on Guild Wars 2 reddit, there are many many people reading it everyday. It's alre…
  • @ReaverKane.7598 Thanks for your suggestions! I'll have a look at them and add whatever's missing when I have the chance. @HnRkLnXqZ.1870 Thank you for sharing your suggested locations, I'll add them whenever I can! I made the choice of limitin…
  • Aah, I didn't think about that Maguuma Wastes daily is only available for lvl 80's. So i'm assuming that other sites, have just chosen to only display the dailies that lvl 80 players get. Thank you for help Nokomis

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