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  • Well, I'm not sure people are running non-meta on purpose. We know for some fights its better not to bring one thing or another as well. When I was raiding we were running 8 people, so we didn't have two slots. We had a single chrono, a single warri…
  • With the new elite spec comes new options, new playstyles. They weren't meant to be -better- at one thing or another, but they ended up that way. The core guard is around everywhere. From wvw, to pve. Before we had the elite specs it was core guard …
  • I just happened to pick Firebrand at the start of this xpac and kept thinking. "Wow. 99k burn tick seems unreasonable." I would imagine they need to be brought in line but I am worried they will take the same route as necromancer. Firebrand could…

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