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  • Bug Fixes: * Necromancer—Unholy Sanctuary: Fixed a bug that prevented this trait from functioning in certain scenarios when coupled with the scourge elite specialization. * Reduced the distance the warclaw travels when using the Leap Forward m…
  • Bug Fixes: * The Warclaw Tail Armor no longer drops from guards in WvW unless players have started the Warclaw Companion collection achievement. * Reduced the maximum number of targets on the warclaw’s Battle Maul skill from 10 to 3. Reduced t…
  • Bug Fixes: * The Warclaw Helmet can now be acquired from Elvie the Warclaw Tender by players who completed the Warclaw Reward Track prior to unlocking the Warclaw Companion collection achievement. * Guardian—Symbol of Punishment: Fixed an issu…

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