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  • Re: Raid difficulty and challenge motes

    @Randulf.7614 said:
    As someone who hasn't raided yet, I think this is the right way forward, although the accessibility thing is very important. The more players who feel encouraged and comfortable to raid, the better the future for them. Without a steady supply of new players, they risk becoming content which no longer warrants the investment in making them. I;d hate to see that since even though I haven't raided yet, I understand the need to have them as part of the health of the game.

    The problem with making them any easier than they are now, is that it basically dooms them to become just that. Content devoid of investment. You barely have to invest anything as now, even when you arent being entirely serious.

    People keep saying they need to be made easier or have more tiers, and I am constantly poised to force them to look at dungeons. Look at how accessible dungeons are. Look at how much was invested in their creation. And look at how much they warrant the investment in making them.

    When you make content too easy the player-base that ACTUALLY PLAYS IT isn't nearly as invested. Do you think raiders are not invested in raids? What about the people who constantly talk about how much their needs to be separate tiers, but have never raided?! How can you say anything about investment when the people who care, and are invested are actually out there raiding? That's how you know they are invested.

    You know who isn't invested? The people who post threads like this every week, saying they barely raid, and don't want to put in the work, but want all the experience of those who have. Those people are not invested. Hence they do not warrant an investment in making modified, or lower tier content 'just' to make them feel welcome. It's not healthy to tailor content to players that aren't really interested in it in the first place.

    Have those people get some raid experience and become a part of the community. Then I, and everyone else, would be more likely to listen. But by then, their opinion would probably have changed.

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