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  • Re: Legendary armor is MIA

    Here lies another thread in which most of the participants complain about getting into raids. But flat out ignore marvels like: 10 healing tempest raids

    Or the fact there are a bajillion video and text guides to each raid that people put sweat and tears into just to be whined at by these people. People go out of their way to help you get into raiding. But it's never enough.

  • Re: PLEASE do not make pug raid personal

    I don't see why you had to make a thread about it. No one cares, and chances are you won't encounter the person again.

    You could have simply just let, it, go.

  • Re: Make THIEF the BIS in PVE/RAID DPS

    Except theif does good damage in pve, has the ability to bring CC with no damage loss, and has 3 viable dps builds. This thread is literally complaining over nothing.

  • Happy Valentines Day my brothers

    At least we can simulate the perfect date.

  • Re: Third Party DPS/Gear Checkers Green Light Toxicity

    @IndigoSundown.5419 said:

    @FrostDraco.8306 said:

    @IndigoSundown.5419 said:

    @Faaris.8013 said:

    @IndigoSundown.5419 said:
    As it is, gear check is a convenience tool that allows players to select for their preferences.

    Well, they can already do that in the LFG description. They can ask for meta builds for example. Thing is, some people try to sneak into these groups without meeting the requirements.

    Ashen wrote earlier (in response to reporting gear check users, but the general principle applies, bolded the principle):

    If players had a basic respect for the rights of property owners to set rules on their property, and had the integrity to abide by their agreements, then the money being spent on remedial action could instead be directed to more productive endeavors that would, potentially, benefit all players.

    If players who join groups that ask for specifics respected those rules set by the group starter, and had the integrity to abide by these agremeents, nobody would use gear check tools. You could just trust people to actually use a build that is listed on one of the raid meta webpages. Those people who use such a tool are probably just tired of wasting time. If you get a raid squad together you don't want to spend additional time on watching peoples' dps or boon duration and maybe kick someone who tried to sneak in. Pug raiding is a time waster already, where you just stand there for 80% of the time.

    I do not promote gear check tools, especially since I don't think there's a tool that only has gear check + dps meter as features. The tool allows real cheating for those who install it. I just see where people who use it are coming from. They want a quick run with a meta setup, and not carry people who sneaked in. Would be intertesting to get a reporting option for that. If you ask in LFG for experience and meta build, and a trailblazer scourge joins and keeps failing mechanics, you could report him for cheating on you.

    I'm fully in agreement that people (in general) ought to respect the expressed preferences of group formers (no matter the preference expressed). My point, though, was that offering a convenience tool which makes checking for so-called "leeching" while not also providing a convenience tool for those who form laid-back groups to check for kitten-hats seems off. People who think the LFG exists solely for their own convenience are not restricted to people who want to slide into meta groups under the radar -- although I'm sure it feels that way to people who only form or join meta groups.

    Simple answer really. Those people don't care about requirements. Ofc course there is no tool for them, because they have nothing to check.

    This has got to be the worst equity argument I've heard all week. "Well if they have it why don't we have it". Well you don't need tools to accept every random joe that comes along now do you? Any tool would impose a requirement, which is what people are here whining about.

    As for player behavior. Well. Did you happen to think 1984 by George Orwell should be using as a game manual? Because you were pretty close there. While you're at it lets have a tool to mark people who refuse to use proper builds in the game, then maybe dps meters, and gear checkers wouldn't be so prevalent? I honestly dread the downtime of arcdps on patches because I constantly have to leave groups or kick bads without being able to see whats going wrong.

    The way my post was worded was satire. Pity you're too invested in your mindset to see it.

    "Those people" may not care about requirements, but they surely dislike setting up a no-req group only to have a meta wannabe show up, cause trouble and try to kick them. Those people are no less abusive than people who join a meta group without meeting the posted reqs. Yes, I know ANet cannot build a tool to detect such people.

    Want to know what would solve it? Make the group starter immune to kicks. Then, give the leader the ability to kick without anyone else's vote needed up until the instance starts. Once the instance has started, revert to the 3 votes needed system (with the group starter still immune).

    And another sad argument. This is the internet. You don't word something as satire. Satire is the act of mocking a statement by pretending to take it. If someone can't tell its a satire, you are just a Poe. And if you are just a Poe, it's extremely hard to tell a Poe from the real thing, because people actually do hold these positions.

    Don't write something one way, then say I'm the one who is pitiful. You intended it to be written that way, which means you have no room to complain when someone misunderstands your meaning, for the real thing.

    As for the starter group being Immune to kicks? Terrible idea. I post LFG's all the time and the first few people to join are not what I asked for. A lot of people think they can slip in, bully their way in, or talk you into letting them stay. And this is within the first 4 others joining the group.

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