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    @Crevox.5806 said:
    [quote]LOL no dude. You NEED training. I don't care how much you think you know about the raids. If you have never done them, and never raided and killed a boss then you need it. There is no shortcut. And its insulting to everyone here to sit here and think because you 'think' you are a skilled player and are a vet to MMO's that somehow removes that need.[/quote]

    Standing in a green circle, dodging blue circles, and moving to specific sections of the arena depending on your role is baby tier compared to raids in WoW (mythic) or FFXIV (savage). Yeah, I know it's the first boss, but I also can't even get into a group for it.

    Those aren't the only mechanics of the fight dude. There are VG groups all the time. If you can't find a group, there is a reason for it. I get kicked from training groups for being too experienced...that's just how many groups there are.

    You are trying to put the cart before the horse, and the simple fact you are here trying to tell me how simple the fight is, rather than going out there and doing that is what i mean. I am not the one you need to be proving yourself to, the raid groups are. But you don't want to do that. Which is why you are here instead of raiding.

    EDIT: Also you claim to know the mechanics....Whats stopping you from putting your own run together? You know the mechanics...or so you claim.

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    @Crevox.5806 said:

    @meeflak.9714 said:

    @Crevox.5806 said:
    As a returning player from before Heart of Thorns, I just want an easier time getting into raids. The raids have been out for so long now that everyone expects you have experience running them many times. I know for a fact I have the skill and build to do it, but finding a group is extremely difficult. It's not even a matter of their difficulty, I just literally cannot get 9 other people together to even attempt them.

    I'd like to challenge that hard content you've created, but I'm not being given the opportunity to do so.

    Many people run weekly raid trainings. There is a discord server dedicated to it. I myself run trainings often =) we are out there you just have to look!!

    I joined a couple of these "training" discords. There were literally hundreds of people trying to fit in runs and the people running the Discords couldn't get everyone sorted out, let alone get everyone into an actual group.

    I also don't really need "training." I may have never done the raids before, but I am a skilled player and veteran raider in other MMOs. Looking up videos of how the fights are done explain it to me perfectly fine; the mechanics are simple. I completely understand Vale Guardian and his mechanics, I just need a group so I can go in there and kill him. I'm currently doing T4 fractals without issue and top meters every time, using consumables, using the right equipment, but I literally can't get into raid groups because I don't have "experience." Training groups wouldn't help me here, especially if the player quality is going to be the same as the fractal pug groups I'm running with.

    LOL no dude. You NEED training. I don't care how much you think you know about the raids. If you have never done them, and never raided and killed a boss then you need it. There is no shortcut. And its insulting to everyone here to sit here and think because you 'think' you are a skilled player and are a vet to MMO's that somehow removes that need. Reread that last paragraph, because it sounds deluted.

    I have hundreds of MMO's under my belt, and i would never spew such hubris. It's easy to out damage everyone in pug fractals btw. So that doesn't mean very much.

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    @Lakemine.3014 said:

    @GrimmR.3541 said:
    To be honest, there is no challenge in T1 or T2 fractals as well as in the first 3 encounters in W4 unless you did old samarog CM.

    True, and I agree with you. But just because for US there is no challenge in t1-t2 fractals, doesn't mean all players are like that. I know some people, heck some in my own family, that have issues with t1-t2 fractals, either with the AR system because of how cost gating preventive it is, or to many things going on. Does that mean they should be locked out of storyline content? Btw, not saying they should be given clear rights to AA t4 CMs, just lessen the earlier ones to they can at least play through the new content that is released. (raids also, but because those are bigger, its more time and resources.)

    Also, even if some in my family stink at fractals, at least one brother and maybe a 2nd, are pretty good at them, and they want to go higher then 50, literally the ONLY thing holding them back is the AR system, so I'm helping them to get it, just takes time (like weeks), which stinks.

    Those all sound like individual issues due to a lack of resolve, or knowledge. You are most need about 70 AR to get into t3. which does not require much of a gold investment at all.

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    @Randulf.7614 said:
    As someone who hasn't raided yet, I think this is the right way forward, although the accessibility thing is very important. The more players who feel encouraged and comfortable to raid, the better the future for them. Without a steady supply of new players, they risk becoming content which no longer warrants the investment in making them. I;d hate to see that since even though I haven't raided yet, I understand the need to have them as part of the health of the game.

    The problem with making them any easier than they are now, is that it basically dooms them to become just that. Content devoid of investment. You barely have to invest anything as now, even when you arent being entirely serious.

    People keep saying they need to be made easier or have more tiers, and I am constantly poised to force them to look at dungeons. Look at how accessible dungeons are. Look at how much was invested in their creation. And look at how much they warrant the investment in making them.

    When you make content too easy the player-base that ACTUALLY PLAYS IT isn't nearly as invested. Do you think raiders are not invested in raids? What about the people who constantly talk about how much their needs to be separate tiers, but have never raided?! How can you say anything about investment when the people who care, and are invested are actually out there raiding? That's how you know they are invested.

    You know who isn't invested? The people who post threads like this every week, saying they barely raid, and don't want to put in the work, but want all the experience of those who have. Those people are not invested. Hence they do not warrant an investment in making modified, or lower tier content 'just' to make them feel welcome. It's not healthy to tailor content to players that aren't really interested in it in the first place.

    Have those people get some raid experience and become a part of the community. Then I, and everyone else, would be more likely to listen. But by then, their opinion would probably have changed.

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    Not even 3 threads in, and there is already whining about raids being too hard.

    "Any story in raids should be accessible in some playable (important word) format to players of many different skill levels. This transcends the hard/easy argument - it is simply a matter of presenting the same story to all players interested in it."

    I completely disagree,

    "There needs to be a way that players who are not interested in conforming to a meta or spending hours min-maxing can still enjoy raids without having to add to their frustration levels.'

    I disagree.

    "Even at their lowest difficulty level, raids should provide a challenge above what you would find in a T1 or T2 fractal (the first three encounters in wing 4 feel about right, imo)."

    Then those people could easily just do wing 4.....Is that not good enough?

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