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How to Report Game Bugs

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  • ArenaNet Staff

To help us review and correct reported game issues in a timely manner, please follow these guidelines for submitting a report on this forum.

Only post bugs. This forum is not for feedback, discussions, suggestions, or questions. Please keep in mind that every post that is not a bug report reduces the time we could be spending looking into game issues.

Read the forums and search for existing issues before you post. Please use the search function or skim through the forums and see if your issue is already noted here. If you can provide additional details about a reported bug, please add them to the existing thread.

Post one bug per thread. Threads on a single topic are easier to route to devs for review. So unless we ask you to consolidate your reports into a specific thread, please start or join a separate thread for each bug.

Use descriptive bug titles. The clearer and more relevant your bug title is to the actual bug, the great the likelihood we'll be able to follow up on it faster. (Note: Subject lines such as "Please fix!" or "GAME BREAKING BUG!" tell us nothing about the actual bug you're encountering.)

Give details about the bug. Providing this information really helps:

  • date, time, and time zone the bug occurred
  • name of map you're on
  • your character name, level, race, and profession
  • whether you're in a group

All of this info can help us a great deal in honing in on what's causing the bug you've found.

Provide reproduction steps when possible. If you can reliably cause the bug you're seeing to occur again, let us know exactly how you did it!

Use Spoiler Tags (when appropriate). When reporting story or dungeon bugs, please use the spoiler tags where appropriate. By doing so, you are protecting your fellow players from being exposed to game content they have not yet experienced.


Bots, Hacking, and Cheating Reports

Please do not use the forums to report player issues, such as botting, cheating, or exploiting. If you see a bot in the game, or if you believe someone in cheating or exploiting the game, please use the in-game reporting feature: Select the offending player, right-click on their character portrait and select "Report Player." In the drop-down window, choose "botting" for the report reason. ("Botting" is adequate to flag someone in any of the three categories: botting, hacking, or cheating.) These reports are sent directly to our Customer Support Specialists to investigate and handle.

Crashes and Crash Reports

As a rule, you should not submit crash reports in the Game Bugs forum. Instead, when the crash report dialogue box pops up after your crash, please fill in as many relevant details as possible, such as what world you're on, what profession you're playing, what actions you were taking prior to the crash, etc. These reports go directly to our programmers to help them identify what's causing the issue. However, if you believe you may be encountering a crash that is not gameplay related, please post about it in the Tech Support forum.


If you are disconnected from the game, please post in the Tech Support forum. Most of the time, disconnects are caused by issues related to someone's personal computer, router, or firewall, or to general problems on the Internet or on our servers. This means the disconnect is not related to a game bug. However, sometimes a player can reliably cause a disconnect by repeating certain actions, such as previewing or equipping a specific item or using a particular skill. If that's the case, please post in this Game Bugs sub-forum with specific steps on reproducing the issue.

Stuck in Terrain/Under the World Bugs

If your character gets stuck in or under the terrain, please post a link to a screenshot of the location in your bug report. It's especially helpful if you can share an image taken before you enter the area, too. Giving detailed location information is very helpful, and links to videos about this type of bug are even more helpful.

Missing Items/Rewards

If you are seeking the reimbursement or return of an item or reward you believe you should have received, please visit our support site for information that may help you. We regularly expand our Knowledge Base to give answers to commonly asked questions. You also have the option to submit a ticket for further review by our Customer Support Team.

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