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Major Disappointment with the recent "balance" patch


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I get that this was a small patch balance wise with thief not even getting any changes and most of the changes being either necro nerfs or bug fixes but how does the buggiest class in the game not get a single bug fix in a patch like that?


  • One Wolf Pack: Fixed a bug that caused damaging strikes from this skill to fail to occur on certain large bosses, such as Tequatl the Sunless.
  • This bug fix is downright insulting because you know which other skill seems to function almost the same and still has this bug to this day? Impossible Odds, yes our main power dps legend skill still is completely ineffective against all the structure type enemies such as Tequatl, Conjured Amalgamate, and various open world buildings. This bug has been reported before and for some reason the ranger version gets fixed while the revenant version is ignored, why?


  • Applied Force: Bonus power per stack of might has been increased from 10 to 15. Might now provides reduced condition damage by the same amount. (Result: +45 Power, +15 Condition Damage per Stack of Might)
  • This is another change that kind of pissed me off since revenant has the awfully similar trait https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Notoriety which power dps revenants would absolutely loved to have received the same treatment especially after the last round of completely unjustified devastation nerfs, but no core/herald is completely ignored once again only ever touched if its to nerf renegade. And no I'm not satisfied with core/herald continuing to get shafted just because there is another power crept espec coming that is going to completely eclipse herald/core power damage capabilities.
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