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Holosmith's Ability to Interact with Boss Mechanics Limited by Photon Forge

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Hey Gang,


I've just noticed a bit of an issue while doing daily fractals - specifically, Solid Ocean.

During the boss fight, I am unable to pick up reflecting shards while photon forge is active.

Now, I realise that I can circumvent photon forge's initial cooldown by using any kit. 

But, it seems strange to me that myself and my group may be punished just for using the main function of my elite spec if I'm unable to quickly swap to a kit after being targeted by the big death laser.


Is this a bug, or is intentional? It's a relatively niche issue I realise, but my concern as an Engi player is that this issue may be present in a lot of other content as well.


All good if this can't be fixed, I'll just adapt and still love you guys and GW2 4eva <3

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