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I wanna kiss whoever made Willbender


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3 hours ago, spectrito.8513 said:

So, if alliances are released and the shattered aegis journey has ended what are we going to talk about on the wvw forums ?

Easy, we'll talk about how they nerfed shattered aegis and it was glorious for all of five days and we'll talk about how alliances were mishandled and didn't solve/change a thing. Its gonna be great 🙂

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willbenders are the only new specs that feels like a big design fail. their grandmaster stuff only punishes u at nearly any choice. it's dmg is at best bad. in spvp it even underperforms core guard by far... it's squishy, provides nothing and can only shadowstep around fast. and even that, its mobility isn't brokenly good or anything close to that. even its elite skills is nearly useless.


so other then the other two new e-specs, this one is pretty unfinished.


only it's overall thematic is nice, and it looks kinda good, but that's about it.

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