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Hi ArenaNet,


I thought I would bring a tiny bug to your attention with regards to the website. Currently the landing page has sidescroll this is due to incorrectly using one unit of measure over another. The parts that need adjusting which will eliminate the sidescroll are:


<div data-test="footer" class="mc4c81cf40_footer"></div>
    change mc4c81cf40_footer css width from 100vw to 100%
<nav aria-label="ArenaNet Menu" data-test="dimebar" class="mcc31d68ed_anetDimebar mcc31d68ed_anetDimebarAbs" style="opacity: 1;"></nav>
    change mcc31d68ed_anetDimebar css width from 100vw to 100%


The above will remove the overflow or you could opt to hide overflow but changing the unit of measure is better.


Anyways, tiny bug but thought I would let you know.

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