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Features I'd like to see in WvW


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These are just some thoughts I've had rattling around in my head for a while now. I'm in a big blob guild so things can get messy on-screen in drawn out fights and it can get tricky to keep track of everything. Information is power and it's all about feeding the player information imo. I think features like these would only add to the experience.


Ability to have 600 radius glowing circle around raid leader and party guardian. Making it easier to stay withing range of important AoE casts.

Ability to put arrow over the head of party guardian that only you can see. Is it just me or are guardians on walkabout half the time!?

Ability to make the target on-screen healthbar smaller and moveable. Why is this so low and intrusive? It's constantly in the way when I'm trying to cast on seige on the walls etc.

Customisable on-screen pop ups when abilities come off cooldown. Example. "stand your ground available" pops on screen in purple for a half second when it's off cd.

Ability to resize individual debuff and buff icons. I'm getting eye-strain over here.

This one I'm not so sure about but for those of us that use standard enemy models; I think it could be cool if the models were a different colour based on class. Yellow for warrior, green for necro etc. That way you could visually see what the enemy consists of at a glance. It might make it too easy to burst down high priority targets though.


Is any of this additional functionality necessary to play well? No, of course not. Not that I play well mind you. It would certainly help with the learning curve and lower the skill cap. Maybe make it easier for new players and some older ones too, to get up to speed and play a little better.


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For staying close to your guard and to the commander, it usually helps to ask them to change tag color if they are using something hard to see like green or blue. That or you can mark from your party, either your guard or the squad leader. What will help most though is learning how your tag likes to move, so you can predict where they will generally go (e.g. skirt bomb to the left or to the right); usually that is enough to keep up and most commanders I've followed generally move the same way. And if your guard is not on tag you can always ask to be moved to another party.


Of course improvements of the UI  are welcome, if any ever come.

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Old guild I ran with (I don’t run in zergs anymore) would divide the squad into parties to better organize and keep a more even distribution of boons. The party would tend to have the guardian targeted so that only that guard’s party could see and organize accordingly. You can do the same thing with lieutenant markers in squad, but the squad leader has to do it.

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