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A question about Willbender Mechanics


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I didn't not quite figure out this, it is little bit hard to understand with NPCs slow attack speeds and hard to follow in PVP because of the chaos...


So Willbender activation of F1/F2/F3 is not giving anymore Boons they used to give by activation, I actually have to hit something (Except with Minor Inspired Virtue Might/Regen/Protection)..


For example, to get the Aegis I have to hit something and if I understand the tooltip correctly after initial hit, every 3 Hits will give me an extra Aegis (or there is an also ICD), so for maximum use of it I have to use with a multi hit skill like Scepter2, Greatsword2, Sword3, Flying Kick of Willbender etc and if I miss the initial hit (enemy dodge, blinded, stunned, etc) I don't get anything...


If that is true I find it quite punishing, at least boon on the activation must be there I think and also effects of Virtue not overlappoing is a problem while normally is multiple hits of Scepter2 is important for DPS condi build for F1 but now it is equally important for F3 in PVP to have some defense, so by design Willbender can't attack and defend...


Did I understand the meechanics correctly?

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When you use any of the virtues, you get a temporary (6s by default in PvE) buff that will proc burns/heals/aegis+stab every 5th strike you land on your targets. The Permeating Wrath trait in Virtues will decrease the F1 burns to every third hit, along with making them AoE.

Example: You press F3 and hit your enemies 22 times within those 6 seconds. You'll have gained aegis and stability once with the initial cast, and then 4 more times (22 / 5 = 4.4 = 4) throughout the duration.

You can pull off some crazy healing with the F2 this way, and I've noticed myself getting up to 12+ stacks of stability in PvE a couple of times with the F3. They're pretty great skills, though the split cooldowns in PvP/WvW are unnecessary IMO. (By default, these skills are sort of split across the gamemodes due to how much easier it is to hit things in PvE for the procs.)

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