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[Game Bug] Druid Stone and Aurora progress blocked due to Draconis Mons issues

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In order to complete the Draconis Mons Master collection for Aurora, you need to fully complete the Druid Stone achievements. One of these achievements for the Druid Stone, during the third step "Sprouting the Druid Stone" needs you to get an Element of the Saurians, a drop from the Champion Stonehead King.


Currently the only available instance of Draconis Mons is bugged, and the pre-event escort that leads into Champion Stonehead King isn't spawning at all. This might not be an issue if other map instances were available, but they aren't; there are three LFGs available (this being on NA) for jumping puzzle teleports, but they're impossible to join no matter what character I'm on or what map I'm on. This means that Draconis Mons is currently locked to a single bugged instance that prevents completion of the the Sprouting the Druid Stone collection, which therefore also means Aurora is currently impossible to complete if you don't have that specific event already done.


(I'm somewhat doubtful anything will come of this because we have other bugged events and pre-events that have blocked progress on legendaries before that have gone unfixed for years, but at the very least this can act as a PSA if anybody is on that step on NA and is wondering why the event isn't spawning. The only thing you can do unless the bug's acknowledged and fixed is to wait until a full reset and hope that fixes the instances.)

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