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kings guard shouldn't hesitate


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if the Willbender is meant to be the kings elite guard. why is he hesitating to deliver an uppercut. that should be seamless. the delay before the uppercuts kills the skill. the range on F1 and F2 should be increased. the direct dmg on all F-skills and utilities need to be upped. Looks like you guys were going for a power output cos the burn on this is mediocre at best. which is fine if the plan is power based. 

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We still have skills in the game with their slow casts and after cast effects such as Warriors Eviscerate. There are other skills on other classes as well. We need to make a list.


I agree it does not feel good, it seems they are taking the opposite approach they did to POF and starting on the low side and tweaking back up. This will make the new specs feel lackluster. It will take longer, but the new specs should slowly get brought up to POF spec parity. (hopefully)


There still needs to be a pass on all of the older skills too.

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