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Returning From 2 Year Haitus, With Current Necro Build Questions

Jalad Lantana.3027

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When I stopped playing about 2 years ago, I had just gotten my Ascended Weapons.

I would like to return and start working on Ascended Armor.

I am awful at PVP and Fractals, so I guess WvW in my only viable path to acquire Ascended Armor.

Here is my build when I last played (for general PVE) 

Is this build viable in WvW, or is there a preferred WvW meta for necromancers?  Or is this build munged up beyond any salvation?

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I've started playing WvW as an absolutely casual scrub lately. So from that point of view - you need vitality in your gear, or you'll get deleted even faster than usual. I also highly recommend getting focus and staff. GS is extremely difficult to pull off outside of big fights. Also, try not to stress too much. WvW is an unbalanced mess anyway.

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Stop whining soldier and get your kitten in pvp right now!
If you're a scrub, that's good! Here's where you learn how to stop being one!

Reasons to jump into the grinder:

1. No gear requirement at all unlike WvW - you can test various builds and setups absolutely free and see which spec, build and playstyle work for you. Once that's done you can actually make it happen in WvW with your ascended armor of choice.
DANGER!!! Both WvW and sPvP ascended armors are precursors for legedary!! If you change their stats in mystic toilet you lose ability to upgrade them to legendary! So pick the stats you're certain you want  to stick with!

2. PvP ascended armor is easier to get. Also you will get eight warlord armor boxes if you do full pvp season. That's 8 pieces of exotic armor where you can select any armor piece with any stat set you want. Imagine getting diviner or grieving sets without having to jump through all the hoops associated with them. Or in necro's case stuff like trailblazer.

3. You will be paired with scrubs of your own level. If you're a bronzie you'll be paired with bronzes an you'll have happy, fair matches with all the honks, backflips and other things associated with bronze clown fiestas :3

4. There are some brain dead builds that can work if played proper. Hell i play flamethrower scrapper, and managed to get gold with it last conquest season. And still improve at using it. On a flamethrower build...that needs room temperature Iq to operate...

5. If you're not gonna run with a zerg you will need some duelling experience to not feed every time.
You will get a lot more of that with much less penalty in spvp than wvw. There is no expring contribution timer and marathons across a huge map after you die in spvp..


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