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[NA||PvX||TC] Remnants of Hope [RoH]: A true gaming community

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A truly exceptional group. Friendly, helpful, and does literally all content in GW2. If you want to learn and enjoy any kind of content, look no further. Few guilds are this organized, and RoH is multi-game to boot so you can hang out in other popular MMOs.

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How to Apply About Us Remnants of Hope (RoH) is big enough to support all game modes, but cozy enough to care about you! Our Guild Wars 2 Division is part of an inclusive, well-organized, an

I've been apart of RoH for over two years, and it's like home!  It has so much community involvement and enjoyable friends.  With a wide range of players from brand new to veterans you never feel lost

I recently completed the trial process and became a member. I'd randomly stumbled upon a recruitment post and clicked over to see a well put together website that spanned multiple games, a great organ

Check out this endorsement from Swtorista on our reddit page!


I really really like this guild. I play mostly on the SWTOR side but have been in it all the way since GW2 was added to our games and watched it grow since. Fairly recently, we lost access to my partner's GW2 account and everyone in the guild was so friendly, giving suggestions on how to recover it and what steps I could take to help. It was so awesome to be able to hop into guild chat with people I hadn't met yet and get such a warm welcome. Highly recommend this guild and group!

And check out Swtorista at www.swtorista.com!

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