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Can we please swap the major and minor Invocation traits?


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Cleansing Channel, Spirit Boon and Song of the Mists / Charged Mists --> Minor

Invoker's Rage, Ferocious Aggression, Contained Temper (this one should probably be combined with Roiling Mists into a single trait) --> Major


I'm honestly surprised this wasn't done ages ago. Why would you have the minor traits in the trait tree centered around the profession mechanic only be useful to such a specific subset of builds?

If people want to run a fury based crit build, sure, they can spec for it. But please have the minor traits be something that EVERY Revenant build can use.

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  • Brimwood.7963 changed the title to Can we please swap the major and minor Invocation traits?

IMO Charged Mists/Song of the Mists are both too strong to be minors and are absolutely GM-worthy. Charged Mists feels build-defining, as a GM should. Spirit Boon makes sense as a minor and wouldn't be something I'm opposed to; I would really love to be able to take both Spirit Boon and Rapid Flow. I like the choice involved in the adept traitline; having to decide between Cleansing Channel and Glaring Resolve is quite competitive depending on your build. If we had to move a minor trait I'd for sure vote Contained Temper. The trait feels a bit excessive on top of all the other fury gen in the class.

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I disagree. Charged Mists as a minor would make Invocation mandatory in all game modes, and it would be absurd in pve to get both Roiling and Charged Mists. 


Another thing, fury is useful to every build, the only time it's not useful is when fury is provided to you by other sources. Even then, Ferocious Aggression makes fury into a global damage buff. 


I will agree that Contained Temper absolutely feels like it doesn't belong. It's a second fury generator that's not needed, and it's not very easy to proc either depending on the build. Invoker's Rage could be increased to 6 or 7 seconds, then Contained Temper combined with Incensed Response or Roiling Mists.


So, replace Contained Temper with Spirit Boon. In Spirit Boon's place, it could be something like this:

Empty Vessel: Invoking a legend while at or below the energy threshold increases all damage dealt for a duration.

Energy Threshold: 10

Damage: Increase: 10%

Duration: 10 seconds


That way it gives a damage option that the master tier lacks, which is odd when both adept and GM tiers offer something for damage builds.

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I completely disagree on that idea.

I never use Cleansing Channel, Spirit Boon or Song of the Mists, as they are of little to no use for me.


If Arenanet would force me to take those as minor traits, while removing the current minor trait, which are actually useful to me,

Revenant would experience a very hard loss of viability and enjoyment (which is what matters most in any game) for me.

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Im with the point that contained temper is a thing that isnt needed and should be replaced. 


With that, there should be a thing that make the trait Roiling Mist (+20% crit chance)  something, thats not only there for power builds. 


Contained Temper should be a trait that grants a condition based on the legend & just 33% chance on critical hit.

Shiro - Vulvn (Battle Scars)

Jalis - Weakness (Dwarven Battle Training)

Mallyx - Torment 

Kalla - Bleed

Glint - Burn

Ventari - Blind?

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