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Going rate for Essence of Luck [Exotic] for a Guild Hall

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What is the going rate of exchange to have 400 Essence of Luck [Exotic] to be donated to a Guild Hall for Further Exploration?

Since surviving a bad case of co-vid last December I decided to put my nose to the grind stone and got our Vabbi guild hall to almost 49 [so close]. Further Exploration wants 777 Exotic Essences of Luck. Am 405 away. Just do not know what to advertise for a stack, or per Essence, or what. Want to offer as a fair exchange. Any ideas?

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Luckily there was an angel out there on a EU server that donated a BIG chuck of Essences. So I no longer need them. Thanks to that exceptional player that came to my (our) rescue!!

Who knew a EU player could visit a US Guild Hall. Could not see them, but added them as a friend, sent a temporary guild invite, and they said they had donated. Sure enough more than what I was wanting was there!! Just was not able to see them.

If only we could see one another across the realms. Guess Guild Wars 2 is not that far advanced yet.

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