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Will DX11 give us an opportunity to raise the decoration limit for guild halls?

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Seriously, can we have the decoration limit trippled or something? Or an option to cull decorations for people with low PC, i feel like we been throttling a lot of the fun we can have on this place with such a limiting feature


I managed to find some old post explaining why



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10 minutes ago, Naxos.2503 said:

I just want to be able to place them more close to each other without limits. It's hard to create houses or assembly halls with the settings as they are, since you get to the arbitrary limit of decorations close to each other very quickly.


I agree. just setting a guild table with a reasonable number of chairs and candles around/on it can hit the limit pretty fast.

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1 hour ago, Spook.5847 said:

Funny how other games running the same DX9 stuff are able to accomodate many more items in housing, and many more close together.  RIFT, for instance.

Difference in RIFT is that i think they're much smaller, might be mistaken, and they don't have as much stuff already in them like NPCs and animated stuff, all the things in them are pretty much decorations, so yeah....
Also i'm not sure if you can have as many people in one of those as you can in GW2, also different fidelity in textures means Rift's are much cheaper to use, in terms of PC power.
And yes, GW2 is very poorly optimized.

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