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[NA][PvE] Nexus Legends [Core] Recruiting now!


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Hello there!


Founded in 2015, Core is a social community welcoming any who are interested in endgame PvE content. We have many good players who can run raid training for new and returning players, and teach all about gear, build, and strategies. A few of us do PvP/WvW from time to time as well.


Schedule/Primetime - Most players in the guild are on EST and play around reset. Main active hours are reset -2 to reset +4.


Discord - Not required, but it is highly recommended to take full advantage of being able to easily find people to group up with and get pinged when certain activities you choose begin. When you join, you can choose what game content you want to be pinged for, such as Raids, Fractals, CMs, Guild Missions, PvP, Strikes, and more.



Guild Hall - We have a pretty neat maxed out guild hall thanks to years of donations from guildies. We use it for guild events, gatherings, material nodes, and boosts from the tavern. We've allowed Members to decorate the guild hall and have their own “house”, as well as the ability to submit it into a contest for prizes. This allows many people who would otherwise not have had any experience with the guild decoration aspect of the game to be able to within our guild.


We're looking to revitalize our guild as everyone is gearing up for End of Dragons. If you're looking for more people to get ready with (run meta achieves, play around with beta specs, or grind for those legendries), feel free to join our discord and ask for an invite, you can also drop your Display Name here for an invite.


Take care and see you in game!

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