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Desert map instance hopping


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I've been running all my professions through the desert lately for their elite weapon collections and while in many respects I find the desert maps very nice, they are very frustrating to play through. It regularly happens that every 10 minutes you have to change instances (or stay in a deserted map and get booted mid-way through an event)


According to my guildies this is because no one likes playing in the desert maps and everyone just pops in for an achiev, a daily vista/node-mining or quick bounty. Due to the constant hopping it does seem like you either spend most time playing alone or with new random players. This makes it difficult to find people for events or even to help other players with their events since everyone is constantly switching and events are at different stages in each map instance.


I tried making an "explore the full map for a long time" group in LFG so all people who wanted to stay longer than 4 forages or a vista could meet up in the same instance, but even that didn't work as again the map changes just kept popping up and people left etc.


Could it be possible to add a button or switch to the map change instance offer where all players who want to fully explore a zone/events etc are grouped together in an instance? Or is there really so little animo for players to do that? It kinda feels like a viscious cycle where few people go to the desert because it is annoying to solo and difficult to group up, therefor creating the very problem of what makes desert maps frustrating, discouraging players from coming to the desert...

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