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New NA player looking for PVE fractal and maybe endgame guild


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Hey there! So I’m new to the game, just finished most of the story, and I’m looking to really explore the rest of the game with some fun people! I’m really looking to get into fractals and would love if I could eventually get into raiding! 

Im based on Sorrows Furnace if that matters, and would also enjoy if I could find a guild that does RP (however, this is not as important to me, just would be a bonus)


Tag is Piercerryan.4712 


hope to hear from you soon!

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Hey there, I m leader of [NA] Hunters of Fortune [HoF]. Here is our recruitment post.


Welcome to Hunters Of Fortune [HoF]


We are a group of fun-loving and friendly people who likes to enjoy GW2 together. We keep things casual but at the same time, strive to improve ourselves and help others with the same. We are home to many players who have been playing for years, as well as those who just started this game this week. We are on the smaller side guild (less than 100) as we prefer to have a good community rather than high numbers.


What does/will our guild offer?


-  LGBTQ+ friendly place

-  No discrimination of any kind

- Veterans willing to teach you about the game


Eventually we will do many regular events:

* Fractals / Dungeons

* Raids / Strike Missions

* Map Metas

* Achievement Runs

* Bounty Runs

* etc.

We are expanding it as we get new players and officers


-  Guild hall (Gilded Hollow) which is expanding fast

- WvW once alliance comes (if it allows guild to be together) 


We do have some basic requirements to join the guild


-  Be active (We are not asking you to play every day)

-  Contribute to guild hall upgrades

-  Take part in guild events as much as you can

-  We require you to join our Discord. It is okay if you do not like to talk there, but we post a lot of guild information there


New players are welcomed. We love to teach and show you around the game.


To join, please send me an in-game mail at MechaOG.2076 or discord MechaOG#1461

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