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Lags in game and market

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Hello there,


Same here I am logging without issues to the game but the Trading Post does not work. I try to sell or even check prices is just not working with the code 42.


The issue started from today as before that I got the error now and then but it was working fine. From this morning the trading post is just out of order.


I tried using different DNS servers, turning off firewalls, forwarding ports and nothing is working.


Any assistance on that situation would be great.

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So... just did Casino Blitz in Amnoon. Did all 3 rounds of the coin collecting and went to Amnoon Waypoint to wait for the Pinata to appear. The countdown drops to zero and nobody moves... odd. The pinata doesn't appear... very odd. Nobody is moving... oh no disconnect incoming!!! Choices are A) jump out to character select screen and get back asap, hoping to get back into same instance (v. unlikely), or B) cross fingers and pray. Went with B. The screen finally unfreezes aaaaaand... the pinata event is over. Didn't even get one hit in. FFFFFFF 🤬!!!!!!


You think that's bad? This was the second time this week with the same event! Connectivity hasn't been this bad for ages and suddenly it's so bad it makes you think twice about whether its worth starting events. I mean... right now there's no way I'm attempting Dragon's Stand. Even the Auric Basin meta would be a big risk. Even doing a bit of low risk map completion has been painful. Whatever has changed in the ANet server setup, please track it down, take it outside into the back alley and terminate it. My blood pressure can't handle this.

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